Lack of a Workout Schedule

Good Tuesday Afternoon to ya’! 🙂

I was up bright and early at 5:30AM to get in a cardio workout before I headed off to work.  I actually woke up easily and had a lot of energy for it being so early. I must have slept well!

I opted for cardio at home versus a workout at my workplace today. Something about being at work for an extra hour just didn’t sound appealing, so I opted for some extra time at the home front!

This brings me to my topic today: Lack of a workout schedule.

Lately (well all year really), I’ve been doing my own thang’ in the gym.  I don’t have a set plan.  I don’t have a workout routine that I follow religiously. And to be honest, I don’t have a specific goal other than to maintain my current fitness level and to exercise most days of the week. This can mean lifting weights, teaching Turbo Kick, using my elliptical and walking my dogs.  I count all of these towards my own exercise quota for the week.

In the past, I’ve followed stricter workout plans (especially when I wanted to do a Figure Competition) as I had goals of gaining muscle mass and eventually “getting lean”.

But these days, I am over that phase in my life. Sure, a goal of gaining muscle and strength is great, but I got burnt out on thinking that is the only way to be in shape.  I don’t have to lift “heavy” all of the time and I don’t have to run 5 miles a day (I also used to do this back in college!) to enjoy the benefits of exercise.  I can simply wake up and choose what I want to do that day, as long as I remain active.  This has been my philosophy as of late.

Must Lift, not so much anymore!

I love to exercise and it’s truly a part of who I am.  I can’t imagine not doing it and I don’t even remember a time when it was a true struggle for me to exercise. It’s just who I am!

However, when I make strict plans, that’s when it can become somewhat of a ‘task’ rather than something I do for fun. And exercising for fun is the main reason I do it (plus I feel great when I do!)

Exercise is FUN!

Exercise goals are great and can be beneficial.  But I don’t think they are needed all of the time as long as you have the drive to keep yourself motivated to exercise. I know when I am working hard and I know how to push myself.  But some people need goals and a plan to help keep them accountable and to keep them motivated (which is great too! We are each unique).

For now, my lack of a workout schedule is working just fine and I’m enjoying going with the flow.


Are you following a workout plan right now or just going with the flow?

7 responses to “Lack of a Workout Schedule

  1. I’m learning to let myself exercise how I want, rather than try to make myself do something I think I “should” be doing. I do like heavy lifting, but there’s no point in doing it if I don’t feel like it that day:)

  2. CrashlyConquers

    I loosely follow one. I’m a runner so I’m always training for races and need to get my weekly mileage in. However, I don’t plan which days i’m going to run/crosstrain/etc. I like the freedom of waking up and doing whatever I feel like to stay active and the push of knowing I need to fit in X amount of miles that week. For me it’s about balancing the two.

  3. I love having a schedule — I’m the kind of person who loves checking things off a to-do list. I do love having my 2 off-days from lifting though when I can choose to either bum around or do cardio or yoga if I feel like it!

  4. I’m actually sort of struggling with this a bit. I go back and forth between if I want a “plan” or if I just want to do whatever I feel like doing…and well, I just can’t decide.

  5. Usually I’m on a strict plan, but for the past month have just been going with the flow. I have a workout plan that I follow, 4 days of strength and 2 cardio, but don’t feel the need to get it all in in one week! I used to be a cardio freak and need to do it for an hour about 4-5 days a week, now 45 mins is good enough for me!

  6. Exercise is so much part of me too that I don’t really need a strict plan. I love how it makes me feel so it’s just something I do.

    If i’m training for a half marathon I’ll have more of a plan, but even then I never follow it 100%.

    Sounds like its working great for you!

  7. I hear ya, I am currently following a Half marathon training plan and it is making me HATE running. I am actually reconsidering my race and toning it down to a 10k so I can enjoy my life again.
    Once upon a time I to always went to the gym with a goal in mind, to look ripped and lean. Magazines and the internet were alot to blame. I grew up out of that stage, and realized exercise should be enjoyable not forcefull.

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