One Year…Almost!

Happy Friday!

Friday Lovin'

I’m finally feeling like myself again and have eased my way back into exercise.  Well, I really didn’t have a choice as I teach Group Fitness at work, but I did take it easy teaching.

I started back exercising on Wednesday after taking 5 much needed days off to rest and recover from being sick. This sickness kicked my booty but made me reevaluate my workout schedule and my motives behind working out.  Sometimes I get caught up thinking I need to exercise just  to simply burn calories.  That’s no fun! And it’s not the reason I want to exercise.  I want to enjoy exercising first and foremost and I want to feel good and reap the health benefits.  I don’t need 2 hours of exercise to maintain my weight.  Heck, I’ve taken weeks off and did nothing and maintained my weight.  This lovely lady’s thoughts on exercise also helped me reevaluate what I do.  It’s a great read and I highly recommend it! You don’t need to kill yourself in the gym!

One Year…Almost!

On Sunday I celebrate my 1 year Blog Anniversary! Cardio Pizza turns 1 years old! How cool?


Happy Birthday Blog!

I started to blog before Cardio Pizza but those blogs didn’t stick.  I tried to be someone else and by doing so, my blog failed.  I couldn’t keep up.  I thought I had to be perfect with exercise and eating to be a fitness and health blogger.  Only until I realized that I had to be me is when my blog began to work.

Being ME

I looked to other blogs to see what was the “right” way to blog when I first began in the blog world.  I tried photographing all of my food and blogging more than once per day.  This didn’t work for me.  When I began doing things on my terms, my blog became fun and became something I looked forward to updating.  I can truly say that being true to who YOU are is the key to having a “successful” blog (and I mean being successful in your own eyes, not by how many views or how many comments you receive)

I choose not to blog more than once per day (or heck, usually only a few times a week) because my blog is my hobby and I want to commit my time to other aspects in my life.  This could change, but ultimately I don’t put a rigid schedule on myself to blog.

Why I Blog

I blog when I feel I have something important to say or when I get a creative idea.  I blog when I feel inspired and I blog when I want to share something with you all that I believe to be helpful.  I blog to inspire others to be comfortable in their own skin and to respect their bodies and to simply love and appreciate themselves for who they are.

Here is my first blog post on Cardio Pizza. I blogged about a trip to Vegas and my meet up with miss Tina over at Faith, Fitness and Fun. I used to live in Georgia for a year and we got to meet each other a few times.  I miss that!

Girls Night Out

Have a great weekend everyone! I’m off to have dinner and drinks with some of my girlfriends tonight! It’s been a while since our last Friday night out!

Girls Night Out

Ready for some drinks tonight!

I hope you are doing something fun tonight or taking time to relax and unwind from the week.


Why do you blog? Or if you don’t blog, why do you read blogs?

P.S. Stay tuned for my first Giveaways (yes, plural!) next week to celebrate Cardio Pizza’s first birthday! 🙂

Also,  I did a guest post for Lisa over at her blog I’m an Okie. It’s about ending food obsession.  Check it out!

7 responses to “One Year…Almost!

  1. I love your blog!! I blog because I love sharing my life and what works for me with food/exercise. It’s so much fun to interact with others too! I read other blogs because it’s fun to see what others do — whether it’s their personal life or maintaining their healthy lifestyles. Happy blog anniversary!! 🙂

  2. Isn’t it amazing how fast time goes? Happy 1 year blog birthday. And I feel so cool being included in the first post. 🙂

    I miss hanging out too!!!

  3. Glad you’re feeling better.

    I just started my blog. I blog because I love reading other people’s blogs and I thought, why not start one myself?

  4. Im glad your feeling better!
    I started blogging because I was trying to lose weight, now I do it to share my life (single mom, triathlete, runner, and traveling and eating good food) basically what I do day to day haha

  5. Happy 1 Year Blog Anniversary!! I blog because I wanted a way to document many of the fun memories I’m making with my family and to share great food and workouts with others. I love reading blogs because I get inspiration for great food and workouts and I love connecting with others that share similar interests!

  6. Happy 1 year:) I think you do a great job of doing whaty ou want ot achieve through your blog. Great job!

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