My Go-To Shoe + 2nd Day of Giveaways!

Good Morning!

Have you entered the Amazing Grass giveaway yet? If not, there’s still time! I’ll be picking a winner tomorrow night!


This morning started out with a nice workout.  I came into work early to get in some exercise before my day started at 8:30am.  I am planning on running a race with my dad in a few weeks, which I didn’t realize was coming up so soon! We’re running either the 5K or the 10K at the Flying Pig Marathon. Depending on how my running goes over the next few weeks will determine the distance 😉

Flying Pig!

According to my workout log I have not hit the treadmill since March 10th! Woops! I guess I needed a break from running.  But now that the weather is beginning to warm up, I think running will be more appealing to me and I’ll be able to take it outside.  Bottom line: I need to get my booty in gear if I want to do this race!

This morning I eased back into running and completed 20 minutes at paces between 5.0 and 6.0. After the run I decided to do a weight circuit as I wasn’t feeling any more cardio.

I did the following exercises two times through, back to back:

  • Assisted Pull Ups: 8 reps
  • Push Ups on toes: 10 reps
  • One Leg Deadlift with a kettle bell: 10 reps each leg
  • See Saw Shoulder Press with dumbbells (alternating arms): 12 reps each arm
  • Walking Lunges with overhead front raise holding a medicine ball: 12 reps each leg
  • One Arm Dumbbell Row: 10 reps each arm

The circuit only took about 10-15 minutes to complete, but kept me moving the whole time.  Felt good! I also stretched for a good 10-15 minutes too.  My hips are tight from my lack of stretching lately.  When I’m not running consistently, I slack on stretching also.

My Go-To Shoe

During my run I realized I needed new shoes. They feel quite worn!  My go-to shoes are Sauconys.  I love this brand! I get the same shoes each time (or a variation of the shoe).  I will be purchasing my third pair of Saucony Cohesions.  They’re a solid shoe for neutral runners and I definitely recommend this brand!

My Go-To Shoe

I almost always buy my shoes online since I know which kind of shoes I like, plus it’s so convenient! (side note: I recommend going to a specialty running shoe store if you’re new to running to get properly fitted)

The Running Warehouse

One of my favorite places to shop online for shoes is the Running Warehouse.  This is a great website with a terrific variety of shoes and apparel.  The customer service is also great and keeps me going back to them.  The orders ship quickly and they have a free returns if there is a problem with the shoes.

2nd Day Give Away!

In honor of Cardio Pizza’s first birthday, the folks over at the Running Warehouse have offered to give one lucky reader a $25.00 gift certificate!

How to Enter

  • For your chance to win the $25.00 gift certificate to the Running Warehouse,  simply comment on this post telling me your go-to running or athletic shoe! 
  • You can get an extra submission by linking this giveaway on your blog. Just leave a separate comment telling me you did so!

Good luck! I’ll be picking a winner for this giveaway on Thursday!


37 responses to “My Go-To Shoe + 2nd Day of Giveaways!

  1. I brought some Brooks recently and so far I think I like them! 🙂

  2. GREAT giveaway!!! I am on my 5th pair of Mizuno’s and have converted a couple people from Aasics. I overpronate, so my running shoes are usually bulky but the Mizuno stability shoes are supportive and super light!

  3. Brooks Adrenaline! Love! It’s like running on air!

  4. I love Saucony’s too – I wear the Ride 3 (also for neutral runners). I’ve also been wearing the Brook’s Ghost 3 as the treads seem to last longer for me. But I really prefer the Saucony!

  5. I LOVE Nike Free’s….I’m sold on the lightness and ability to cross train in them.

  6. I jsut bought Nike Pegasus and loveeeeeeee them!

  7. I had my stride analyzed once and the sales guy suggested a pair of saucony’s. Ever since then, I’ve never bought anything else!

  8. What a nice giveaway!! I wear Mizunos and won’t wear anything else since I’ve been properly fitted 🙂

  9. I really love New Balances, they fit like a glove.

  10. My go-to shoe is the Brooks Dyad. I love it and always shop at Running Warehouse.

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  12. I don’t have a go-to running shoe yet. But I do love my Asics that I have now. Sweet giveaway!

  13. Awesome! I can always use extra help with $ for great things like running.

    My go-to pair of shoes that I have been lovign right now are also Sauconys. They are so comfortable and give great support!

  14. I have a pair of new balance for walking/hiking, and a pair of adidas trail shoes that I actually wear for kickboxing 🙂

  15. So jealous of the Flying Pig Marathon race 🙂
    You should do it next year too- I’ll be there..with all of my pig gear 😉
    And my go-to shoes are Asics.

  16. This is hard because I have a lot of shoes I really love. Right now it’s the Brooks Ravenna!

  17. I’ve actually been doing research lately on the best running shoe because I don’t know– I’m glad I found your post!

  18. I’m wearing Mizuno Wave Nirvanas and generally loving them!

  19. My New Balance sneaks always seem to get the job done.

  20. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 got me through my first marathon in October and the latest version 11 got me through marathon 2 this past weekend. They are a moderate stability shoe. Best shoes ever.

  21. My running shoes of choice are definetly ASICS! I love them 🙂

  22. How generous of them!

    Up until recently my go-to shoe was New Balance — I was in LOVE with that brand. But I’ve converted to Asics lately! Love them!

  23. I love the Saucony Guide. A bit more support as I overpronate.

  24. I was always a loyal New Balance runner, but I recently bought a pair of Asics and love them!

  25. What an amazing giveaway! Especially for us Canadians, because it’s $25 just for the shipping from Running Warehouse to home, up here!! Crazy, right? My favorites are the Asics Gel-Nimbus… I’m on my 5th pair in a row!

  26. My go to shoe are saucony!

  27. shala_darkstone

    I love the Merrell Barefoot Pace Glove shoes.

  28. I have always been a Nike girl.

  29. I am a New Balance girl. I have wide, flat feet – not the easiest combination to fit; NB shoes work perfectly for me!

  30. My latest go-to running shoe is Brooks Ghost.

  31. I am loving my Nike Frees right now!

  32. I’m an Asics Nimbus and Brooks Glycerin kind of girl, I seem to alternate every time I go to buy new shoes. I can’t wait for for the new Nimbus to come out!

  33. My go to running shoe are the nike dual fusion.. I own 3 different colors!

  34. My go to athletic shoe are nike lunarglides! i love how they mold to your feet and they have never given me troubles!!

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