My Number One Energy Pick Me Up

I was reading the new May issue of Real Simple magazine during my lunch the other day and the editor described what her day would consist of to give her just the right amount of energy to tackle all there is to do in 24 hours.

That got me thinking as to what I need to have just the right amount of energy for the day.

Here’s what I would love to have happen daily:

  • Get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep (9 or 10 hours would be great too!)
  • Read a few pages of an uplifting book to set the tone for positive thoughts throughout my day
  • Take my dogs on a leisurely walk and have them walk like the little angels I know they’re capable of being (opposed to stalking squirrels and picking up garbage)
  • Eat a wholesome breakfast while catching some of the Today Show or Regis and Kelly
  • Sip a hot mug of tea or coffee
  • Get in a 60-minute challenging workout while listening to my I-Pod and zoning out
  • Take a few minutes to meditate and relax my mind after the workout
  • Take a hot shower and relax in the sauna (we have one at work, but I have yet to set aside time to use it)
  • Eat nutritious snacks and meals throughout the work day
  • Enjoy a nice glass of wine with Andy while eating dinner and watching some of the shows we’ve recently become obsessed with on Showtime (like Shameless and United States of Tara!)
  • Play with the pups
  • Watch an episode of mindless, trashy reality TV (this strangely relaxes me!)
  • Read a good book before bed and snuggle up with Andy

What would your day look like?

Here are some tips from Real Simple Magazine on how to renew your energy:

  • Let the sun in and stretch when you wake up
  • Look at something you love, such as a photo of family
  • Scent your shower with products that contain citrus, eucalyptus or mint
  • Get moving
  • Eat a colorful breakfast
  • Take your vitamins
  • Take time to breathe deeply and relax during the day
  • Play for at least a few minutes
  • Take time for lunch instead of working through it
  • Find something to look forward to
  • Make tomorrow’s to-do list today
  • Have a snack
  • Commute with music
  • Sleep well
  • Take a hot bath

Do you do any of these?

I almost always sleep really well, I listen to music on my 35-minute commute to and from work, I try to look forward to things on my weekends or in the near future (like upcoming trips!), I exercise daily, and I try to eat colorful meals, like baked tofu stir-fry (which I need to make again soon!)

Colorful Meal

I could always include more of these  tips, such as using some scented products and looking at something I love when I wake up.  Great ideas from Real Simple this month!

My Number One Energy Pick Me Up

I have to say that my number one energy pick me up is playing with my dogs Boo and Sophia.  There is just something amazing about animals that lifts my spirit and my energy and just makes me feel better.  I love my pups!

Me and my pups!



Even when Boo gets in one of his crazy, hyper moods…he makes my heart melt!  We love our crazy dogs!

Gimme that Hat!

Good thing we have a back yard so they can expend what seems to be their endless amounts of energy.

Endless Energy!

Seriously, Boo or Sophia can be in a dead sleep and if I squeak a toy, they’ll come running out ready to play.  Don’t you wish we had energy like dogs?! Now that would be all day energy for sure! No need for coffee or scented shower products 😉

Giveaway Reminder

Don’t forget to enter the Larabar Giveaway! I’ll pick a winner sometime tomorrow!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Tonight is Pizza Friday, which means I’ll be enjoying some deliciousness and relaxing with a nice glass of wine or a Skinny Girl Margarita (Which I love even more each time I drink it!)


What is your number one tip to increase your energy for the day?

7 responses to “My Number One Energy Pick Me Up

  1. Aww your pups are too cute! I find that sleeping well, getting moving, and eating a big breakfast (and all other meals too of course) keeps my energy levels up.

  2. Your dogs are so adorable. (:

  3. One thing I’ve been doing lately, to help me relax, is to eat breakfast IN SILENCE! Usually the mornings are so busy and on-the-go for me, that waking up a few extra minutes early, so I can eat my breakfast before I leave, rather than while I’m driving, really helps set the tone for my day! If I’m in a rush out the door and have to attempt to eat my breakfast while driving, I get stressed. It’s just not a relaxing way to begin the day!

  4. I saw this month’s Real Simple earlier today at Barnes and Noble, and was immediately attracted to the cover! The bright orange/yellow flower is gorgeous
    To increase my energy for the day, I brew up coffee right when I wake up, listen to it perk while get my breakfast together and eat while catching up on blogs 😀 It’s a simple routine, but a rewarding and beneficial one nonetheless

  5. Exercise increases my energy. Sometimes I feel like I am so so so tired and if I just get up and start moving I suddenly feel like my energy levels are perking up. It doesn’t even have to be strenuous exercise…just moving helps! 🙂

  6. yesss great tips there! exercise DEF increases my energy!!! I get so tired sitting in class all day but get a BOOST when i finally get up!

  7. energy for me includes getting at least 7 hours of sleep!

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