Tourists in Our Own City

My Easter weekend was jam-packed with family and fun!  My parents came up from Cincinnati to spend the weekend with Andy and I.

They got in around 8pm on Friday evening and we all headed out to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner.  I immediately dug into the chips and salsa and enjoyed a frozen peach margarita.  For my entree I got a chicken quesadilla that came with beans, guacamole and sour cream.  It hit the spot after a long work day! After dinner, we relaxed and watched TV and had some ice cream that I had in my freezer.  We are a family that loves to eat!


My dad and I headed out early for a walk with Boo and Sophia.  We’re the early birds in the family! Andy and my mom slept in while we headed out.

The dogs were being overly excited and it was apparently a squirrel haven! Those guys were everywhere!  After about 20 minutes with the pups, we dropped them off at home and walked another 2 miles, hassle free.

Don’t worry, the pups got some love throughout the morning and plenty of hugs from mom and dad:

Boo and I

Andy and Boo

Sophia was not into the hug-fest as much as Boo…she watched from the corner:


Once we were all up and ready, we decided to take advantage of the fact that Cleveland is the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and spent the day being tourists in our own city.  Neither Andy or I had been there before, even though it’s a pretty famous place and only 15 minutes from our house.  We decided that we needed to explore our own city more often!

My parent's and I outside the Rock Hall

Andy and I

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was a fun place to visit.  I love music, as do my parents and Andy, and so seeing the memorabilia of iconic artists was pretty amazing.  My favorite was a wall that had old letters, poems, and lyrics by Jim Morrison.  You could tell at a very young age that he was quite the talent.  It’s too bad he died so young as he was definitely a special artist and and an extremely gifted and creative person.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I also loved seeing the outfits that some of the rock stars wore during their performances.  I honestly think the rock star men were tinier than the women! Their pants were incredibly small and perhaps my arm could fit them…if that.   I guess the rock star lifestyle doesn’t leave much room for food when you live with the philosophy of “sex, drugs and rock and roll”.

Michael Jackson and I



We spent about 3 hours touring the museum and by the time we were finished we were all starving and ready for dinner.  We headed to a downtown Irish pub called Flannery’s.  I started with a caramel apple martini, while Andy and my dad got a couple of beers and my mom got some red wine.

My martini was so delicious and the buzz hit me rather quickly since I was so hungry.  Luckily we ordered some fried mushrooms and wings as appetizers.  We dug in! The mushrooms were huge and stuffed with a delicious cheese filling and served with a ranch dressing.  I had one giant mushroom and one hot wing.  For my entree I had a BBQ chicken wrap that came with fries and cole slaw.  I ate half and took the rest home.  Of course no meal is complete without dessert in my book, so we headed to Dairy Queen for some blizzards.  I mentioned that my family and I love to eat, right? Especially ice cream! 😉

Easter Sunday

My parents brought Andy and I a big Easter basket to share and I enjoyed several pieces of chocolate after breakfast…

Easter Basket!

I made sure not to get too full on candy as we were heading over to Andy’s parent’s for lunch.

We enjoyed a lovely spread of food including chicken marsala, ham, rolls, peas with pearl onions, spinach salad with a homemade strawberry vinaigrette dressing, potato salad, and deviled eggs.  I helped myself to a bit of everything (minus ham) and had an extra helping of the salad.  Along with lots of candy, we had a strawberry dessert that was made with angel food cake, fresh strawberries, jello and cool whip.

My parents also joined us for lunch but headed out around 3pm to make the 4-hour drive back to Cincinnati.  I was sad to see them go, but I am heading up there this coming weekend to run the Flying Pig 5K on Saturday with my dad!

Easter Sunday

I got to see baby Claire (Andy’s new niece), who I hadn’t seen since she was born in FebruaryShe is such a doll!

Baby Claire

We left Andy’s parent’s house around 5pm and Andy and I headed to Whole Foods for a few groceries.  We spent the rest of the evening relaxing as well as eating more ice cream…that we polished off completely (I bought two half gallons on Thursday!)

Now it’s back to the grind! I hope you had a great weekend!


Do you have a favorite musician? I love Billy Joel and Lady Gaga..I know, two completely different artists, but great in their own ways!


One response to “Tourists in Our Own City

  1. I love being a tourist in my own city…it can be fun to discover little gems that you forget about!!

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