No More Scale: A Personal Challenge

This year I’ve experienced a lot of growth within myself.  I’ve been on the path of  learning to deal with my feelings rather than turn to disordered eating habits, which I had previously done in my past.

I am choosing to live my life in a positive way, rather than turning to negativity.  I am choosing to live with happiness and optimism rather than fear.  I am choosing to live my life by my rules.  The key is that I am calling the shots. I am in charge of my life and the decisions that I make.


A Realization

With all the progress I have made over the last year, there is still something holding me back. This morning I came to a realization.  I am still bound by the number on the scale.  I still care about the number that I see, for whatever reason.

Bounded by the Scale

I’ve mentioned that I weigh myself about once per week to keep my self “in check”.  For over 6 years I’ve maintained the  same weight (plus or minus 5lbs), yet I still feel the need to make sure it’s not going up.  I still have a voice inside my head that says I need to weigh myself once per week.  I feel as though if I don’t weigh myself  I’ll blow up like a balloon.  But each week I weigh myself, I am still at my body’s happy range.

Something else that bothers me is that each time I weigh myself I think that maybe this is the day that I magically lost weight.  But why? Why do I think that seeing a smaller number will increase my happiness? Why do I think I need to see a smaller number? WHY!!?!?

I can tell you that when I prepped for a figure competition and was on a rigid diet, I did see a smaller number.  I can also tell you that I was miserable at that number.  Having to maintain a strict diet in order to maintain that loss sounded like pure hell to me.  I enjoy my freedom with food way too much and eating plain chicken, tilapia, and green veggies was not my idea of a lifestyle.  So I chose to forgo the competition and I also chose to gain that weight back (well, that just sort of happened when I ate normally again!)

A Personal Challenge

Today was no different than any other week.  I step on the scale, I see the number, I wish in my head that it was a different number because for some reason I believe that I should be at a smaller number, and I step off and go about my day.  I don’t restrict my diet or over exercise because I have these thoughts, but the fact that I even have those negative thoughts because of the number just really bugs me.

Today I made the decision that in order to get over these irrational thoughts about my body and my weight, I need take back the control that I allowed the scale to have, and I need to start living my life not based on my weight.  As much as I’ve overcome in the last year, I’m not where I want to be with self acceptance.  I know that my body is where it wants to be in regards to health.  I just need to come to terms with that.  I’m healthy and fit and my body does a lot for me.  I shouldn’t bash it because of a silly number.  I know better than that.

No More Scale

I decided to go a month without weighing myself.  And to be honest, it’s scary.  But I am choosing to let go of the number and start trusting my body.  I am NOT the number.

No More!

If after a month of not weighing I want to weigh myself, I will.  But hopefully I’ll be able to keep going and not ever need a scale and learn to trust my body.  But along with this, I also need to work on listening to it more.


One of the reasons I love to read blogs is to be inspired by others. This post and this post over at Oh She Glows has really inspired me to look deep within myself and work on self acceptance and ditching the scale is the next hurtle in my journey….and I’m ready to tackle it!


Does the number on the scale hold any power over how you feel about yourself?


17 responses to “No More Scale: A Personal Challenge

  1. This is so wonderful Lindsay!!! 🙂 I actually purposely did NOT have a scale in the apartment for a really long time because I knew I needed to separate my vision of myself from that number. It’s just a number! And so many things affect it: water retention, time of day, time of month. Why obsess?

  2. I love not knowing how much I weigh. It is SO freeing. I do get on the scale and have Peter tell me my loss each week for my post-baby weight loss progress. It helps keep the obsession away, but I do admit to having had moments where I felt momentarily bummed at not losing what I hoped. It’s tough because the scale CAN be useful but its so easy to be mental too.

  3. I have had a severe eating disorder in my past, but the weird thing was I never ever weighed myself and I still dont to this day. I always go by the way my clothes fit. In the past, when I was restricting I loved it when my size 2’s became loose. As I eventually turned and reached out to get help, one of the hardest things I had to do was get rid of my “disordered eating” clothes. Trying them on and having them not fit just sent me in a relapse. This really helped me, today I still go by the way I look and the way my clothes fit but I am also in a size six and would like to stay in that size. I haven noticed if I go any lower I tend to feel lousy and have blood sugar issues.

  4. I’m so glad to have found your blog. I think that this is a great thing that you are doing. I have the same issue with you. I struggle with weighing myself daily! I think I’m going to try this myself.

  5. I mean to say same issue as you : )

  6. Hi Lindsey! I wrote a post about breaking up with the scale a few weeks ago and it has been so freeing!
    Check out my thoughts on it if you would like,

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with the scale. But recently look at the number, if it goes down Im excited. If it goes up, Im depressed all day. I think using a scale can be helpful sometimes

  8. i have to admit the scale definitely holds some power over me and can really ruin my mood / play mind tricks with me but for that very reason i havent weighed myself in over a month! and i feel fine, so i dont plan to anytime soon. im so tempted to, but i just need to get rid of it as a measure of my own self-worth! good luck with your challenge. we’re all rootin’ for ya!

  9. YAY YAY YAY go you! this is a great personal goal and i know you will be happier at the month’s end!

    i havent weighed myself in over a year and finally am to the point where i just don’t need or want to know the number.

    i recently talked about the scale, too, and there are some really good comments on the post–check them out for some added motivation 🙂

    xoxo can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  10. That’s great Lindsey!! I know that feeling of being ok with the number on the scale, but still simply wishing it were lower.

  11. Amazing! I think you’ll be so pleased with this plan… I’ve never had a scale so I can’t speak to the weekly weigh-ins, but I enjoy not having a little number hanging over my head. The fit of my clothes tell me what’s going on in and sometimes that’s hard enough!

  12. I gave up weighing myself months ago. Maybe a year ago? I threw the battery out from my scale and I’ve not looked back since! I found that while my weight was always in a certain range, it bugged me that I was higher than I was a couple years ago. I found that when I stepped on, and saw a number that was perfectly healthy it made me sad, because I wished it were lower.

    So now while I still sometimes wish I were magically smaller without having to eat less, at least I don’t have that number staring at me in the morning, taunting me, trying to tell me my mood should change based on it.

    Now I get weighed at the doctors and it seems to be the same each time.

    Good luck with the scale ban! I know it’s so hard in the beginning. I thought I’d blow up too, just from not weighing which makes absolutely no sense. Our minds are very annoying sometimes eh.

  13. I LOVE not knowing my weight. In fact I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and when the nurse weighed me I said please do not tell me the number. My clothes fit and that is all I need to know!

  14. Love this post! I stopped weighing myself around a year ago, when I noticed that my 2 small daughters were stepping on the scale- just to play, but it got me thinking that I do NOT want them to think that a number on the scale should be important to them, or to me.
    We have no scale in the house now, and I love it! I’d guess my weight is around the same as before, but it honestly doesn’t really matter 🙂

  15. Awesome Linds! You can do this 🙂

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