A Lovely Weekend

Here is what I did this past weekend:

Pizza Friday

I had pizza from Papa Johns on Friday night after work. I also had some cheesy bread.  Andy was out of town for the night, so it was a pizza party for one! And I’m totally cool with that. I got to catch up on all my trashy reality TV 😉

Veggie Pizza just fo' me

Running with Boo and Sophia on Saturday and Sunday morning.  I’m loving that spring is finally here! We did 2 miles on each day.  Running with my pups makes me exhausted and I had to take naps on both days!

Running Buddies!

Delicious Breakfast Post-Run

2 eggs, an orange, an english muffin with butter, and coffee with half and half



Let the fashion show begin! This is my weekend look 🙂

Hello World!

I bought 4 dresses at TJ Maxx, all under $40.00!  Actually, three were under $25.00 and one was $40.00.  I seriously love this store!

Long dress by Nine West

Floral and Fun

Gray with Lace

Little Black Dress

It was a successful shopping trip to ol’ TJ Maxx.  They had great stuff!

Hot Date

I had a hot date night with this guy on Saturday night…


We went to a new place called Bottega Bistro. It’s a trendy bar and restaurant that specializes in brick oven pizzas (I can’t ever get enough pizza!).  We split a pizza that had garlic, smoked gouda cheese, and portobello mushrooms and we each had a caesar salad (which stole the show! It was delicious).  I also had two martinisI was feelin’ good!

A Simple Recipe

I took some time to cook and I made this easy and delicious dish:

Apple Chicken Sausage with Roasted Carrots,Potatoes and Onions

Simple and Delicious

Simply toss all ingredients in a pan with olive oil, a bit of water (about a cop or so to help cook the veggies), and seasonings.  Roast for about an hour or until veggies are tender at 375 degrees.

The weekend was just lovely!


What is something fun you did this weekend?


16 responses to “A Lovely Weekend

  1. Your breakfast looks awesome! And you look great in all those dresses. I love the black flowery one! Something fun I did this weekend… hiking in the outback!!!

  2. Oooh I love the second dress, and you are so pretty! I went home for my brother’s grad party, it was great!

  3. You are so pretty!! You kind of look like Hillary Swank 🙂

  4. Those dresses are all so cute! When my guy is gone, that is the first thing I enjoy reality TV, he can’t stand it. Something fun I did this weekend, movie night with wine with the boy 🙂 Simple but perfect!

  5. I love TJ Maxx for their prices and the great choices they have, those dresses look so cute on you!
    Something fun I did this weekend was play kickball with the people I work with at school 🙂 I haven’t played anything like that in so long!

  6. Hey Linds!

    I love the dresses..they are perfect for the spring/summer! I never find anything like that when i go to TJMaxx! lol 🙂

  7. Your “floral and fun” dress is adorable! I was just in SF and shopped my face off but could not find a dress to save my life… I’m ridiculously envious of your luck!!

  8. Looks like a great weekend for you! Papa John’s is my favorite pizza! Yum

  9. I LOVE all the dresses! They look GREAT!

  10. I LOVE the floral dress & it looks fantastic on you 🙂

  11. What an awesome weekend!!!

  12. love the dresses!!! and a good deal is something I always look for!

  13. Looks like a great weekend! I love the dresses!

  14. hey lady!! thank you som uch for your sweet comment on my blog!! i love your dresses!! I am so happy its finally warmer out because dresses are SO much easier to just throw on, right?!

    awesome weekend indeed! xxoo

  15. You look so great in all 4 dresses! I love those awesome trips to TJ Maxx, sometimes I leave with nothing and sometimes i want EVERYTHING!

  16. Something fun I did this weekend….drive from Montana back to Arizona. Not fun, but it basically took up my whole weekend! : )

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