Outdoor Cardio Workout

I’ve been extremely busy at work these days and it has left little time for blogging, unfortunately.  I am the contest director of a weight management program at work and I’ve been gearing up for a big rewards luncheon that is this afternoon.  I’m excited for it, yet happy that it will be over today so I can enjoy my weekend as I have some fun plans!

I’m heading home to Cincinnati for a weekend of celebration.  It’s my friend Kelly’s bachelorette party on Friday!  I’ve known Kelly since we were 12.  Time certainly flies, I can’t believe my friends are starting to get married!!! I still feel 12 half the time 😉

Kelly, Kelly (the bride-to-be) and me Halloween 2009

We are taking a party bus to downtown Cincinnati Friday night and I can’t wait!  I’m ready to celebrate with my friends and have a good time dancing, drinking, and laughing the night away! Until then though, I need to focus on my event today!  Luckily I came in early to work so I’ll be out of here by 2:30PM and on the road to Cincinnati right after.

Although I am looking forward to this fun weekend, I’ll certainly be missing Andy and the pups and I told them not to eat too much pizza or Dairy Queen blizzards without me!

Miss Sophia


Andy and I

 Miss em’ already!

Outdoor Cardio Workout

Before I get back to planning my little heart out, I wanted to share a workout I took one of my classes through.  It was really nice out yesterday, so we did a workout outside, which is a nice change.

Warm up:

  • 1 mile walk or jog (we have an outside track)

Cardio Circuit:

  • Walking with knee raises (alternating knees).  We did approximately 40 steps walking down a stretch of pavement and then walked back.
  • Jumping Jacks: At the end of one set of knee raises, do 30 Jumping Jacks, then walk back with knee raises and complete 30 more jumping jacks.
  • Walking with Alternating Front Kicks: Approximately 40 walking down and then another set walking back.
  • 30 Body Weight Squats or Squat Jumps:  Do these at the end of the front kicks, so 2x as you go down and back.

Weight Circuit

  • Walking Lunges with weights: Approximately 30 reps (15 each leg), 2 sets.
  • Alternating Shoulder Press: At the end of the lunges, do 30 alternating shoulder presses (15 each arm).  Lunge back and do another set of shoulder presses.
  • 15 Wide Squats with Upright Rows super set with 30 alternating Bicep Curls: 1 set
  • In a Plank (push up position): 30 Alternating rows (15 each arm): 1 set
  • In a Side Plank: Add a knee tuck by bringing your bottom knee towards chest and down, 15 reps.  Repeat on other side: 1 set


  • 1 mile walk or jog to finish out the workout

Stretch:5 minutes

  • Quad stretch
  • Hamstring stretch
  • IT band stretch
  • Hip Flexor stretch
  • Glute stretch
  • Shoulder and back stretches

If you ran, this workout took about 45 minutes.  For walking, it took closer to an hour.  Those who walked did about 1/2 mile at the end instead of a full mile due to time constraints.


Do you like to workout outdoors? If so, what is your favorite thing to do? Running is definitely my favorite!


8 responses to “Outdoor Cardio Workout

  1. Thanks for posting the workout. I’m not a big ciruit fan, but I love using them every once in a while to mix things up. BTW, have fun in Cincy. A party bus always leads to a good time!

  2. I love party buses! Now that I am older, my friends and I don’t get together that often to do the whole bar scene, so when we do it is usually an all nigher and well worth it!!
    Now that the weather has gotten alot warmer around here, I am looking forward to taking some of my workouts outdoors, I love bike riding and running/walking with my puppy. Have a fun weekend, and good luck on your event!!

  3. I love running outdoors and used to do track workouts like that which were always fun. Looks like a great workout!

    Have fun this weekend!!!

  4. I am just getting into running, and it is so nice to be out in the sunshine! Good luck with the luncheon today.

  5. It’s SO weird when friends start getting married! Haha! When it first started happening to me I was like, WAIT we’re grown up now?!?!?

  6. I take a bootcamp class that is outdoors and I love it! It is my favorite workout every week! I go on M and W afternoons and it is a blast!!!!

  7. Love the outdoor workout! Would love to do more but it is so damn HOT in Miami that the gym is usually my second home. I AM moving to VA soon, so I will definitely take advantage of mountain climbing, white water rafting all that good stuff

  8. I like to go for walks and bike rides outside, but other than that, I like doing indoor workouts.

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