Tips for Running with Dogs

My weekend was filled with fun, friends, food, shopping, running, and relaxing.  All of my favorite things 🙂

On Friday night Andy and I headed out to meet some friends for dinner.  One of my good friends from college, Sara, was in town from Washington D.C. where she currently lives.  Her boyfriend was coming into town with her to meet her family for the first time. It would be my first time meeting him as well.  They’ve been dating nearly a year now and have gotten serious.  I was excited to meet him as I had heard so much about him (And he gets my approval, he’s a very nice and charismatic guy!)

We met at a restaurant called the Wine Bar, which is a cute Bistro in Rocky River, OH.  We sat outside since the rain finally let up in Cleveland and it was a beautiful night!

Wine Bar


They have great food and a nice wine selection.  I was not feeling wine though and opted for a cosmo instead.  It was a good choice because it was delicious (and strong)!

For appetizers, our table split some calamari and a lobster dip.  Both were fantastic.  I decided on a mushroom flat bread for my entree which included wild mushrooms, chevre goat cheese, picked thyme and finished with garlic oil. It was good, but I think I would get something else next time.  It didn’t have as much flavor as I hoped it would.  However, that didn’t stop me from demolishing most of it! 😉

It was nice to get together with my college friends! We spent the evening catching up on each others’ lives, laughing, and reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ in school.

Lindsay, Me, Morgan, Sara

The guys (Lindsay’s husband Jimmy, Sara’s new boyfriend Brandon, and Andy) spent some time bonding and chatting about guy stuff:

Brandon, Jimmy, & Andy

We called it a night by 11pm and headed home.  I was so exhausted from my day at work and hit the sack right when I got home.

Running with Dogs

I woke up early on Saturday around 7am (I can never sleep in on weekends) and took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a 3-mile run with the dogs.

Running Buddies

I’ve been running with my dogs for almost a couple of years and it’s taken some getting used to.  I wanted to share some tips I’ve learned along the way to make the runs more enjoyable.

Tips for running with your pup (or pups):

Ease into Running: If your dog doesn’t normally get a lot of activity, ease into it as you would do yourself.  I started with a mix of running and walking when I first began running with Boo and Sophia.  Now we’re up to running 3 miles at a time.

Watch the Heat:  Be mindful of the heat when running with your dog.  I run either early in the morning when the sun isn’t all the way up and the temperature is down or in the evening (especially in the summer months).

Have a good grasp on the leash: My dogs are constantly on the lookout for squirrels and other small animals.  I have to have a tight grip or they will definitely make a run for it if a squirrel passes by! I wrap the leash around my hands and take an overhand grip on the leash.

Be Alert: I don’t usually listen to my i-pod when I run with my dogs because I like to be alert.  I need to keep my eyes and ears out for cars, other people and animals (those pesky squirrels again!) and anything that may be in our way, such as a garbage can or tree branch (I have run into one! hah)

Leash Train: Take some time to train your pup on the leash.  My two crazies are not perfect, but they’re always improving 😉 Good leash training pays off.  I run with one dog in each hand.  It can be awkward at first, as I don’t use my arms as much as I would running alone, but you get used to it.

Potty Time: If I know I’m going to run with my dogs first thing in the morning I make sure to give them adequate time to go to the bathroom outside before we go.  I also don’t feed them until after we’re done running.  If they do go to the bathroom while running, I always make sure to bring some bags to pick up any mess they leave.  While it is not fun to literally run with crap in your hands, it’s respectful to pick it up.

Refuel: Boo and Sophia race to their water bowls when we’re done, so I always make sure to have plenty of fresh water on hand all day.  Also, I feed them the right amount for their size and activity level (just like I feed myself!)

Running with the dogs is fun and I feel a lot safer versus running alone.  It’s like having two furry body guards with me!

Ferocious Body Guards!


Do you run with your dog? If so, what tips do you have?

P.S. Thanks for your kind words on my previous post!


18 responses to “Tips for Running with Dogs

  1. Great post!! 🙂 My hubby had a german shep when we first started dating and I’d always had smaller breed dogs — beagles and beagle mixes — and it’s a huge difference running with a small dog versus running with a big heavy strong dog!! The first few times I took his shep out, I nearly got dragged along behind her because she was faster than me 😉 haha

  2. My pup is about 9 weeks old and I have tried a little running with him off and on. We are still just getting down the walking part without him pulling me all over the place. I have started taking him to a weekly training class and she is working with me when it comes to leash training. I will be so excited when he is ready to run and I dont have to worry about triping over the poor little guy lol.

  3. I miss my lab! She was my running buddy. Now I have two NOT RUNNERS. Let’s just say Basset hounds don’t like to run. Love the pup pics!

  4. Awww I love running with my pup, but I never have him on the lead that would be seriously an accident waiting to happen. I am lucky that I have a forest and a lovely little park near me where there is no traffic so he can run free. (Its a massive faux pas in the US to not have your dog on a lead isn’t it?) The only place I wouldn’t run with my mutt is on the pavement as yes he would probably run after a cat or another dog and there is the possibility of cars.

    • Yeah, I have not seen many dogs not on leashes, unless they are well trained and stay right with their owners…I’ve seen a couple of dogs like that in my neighborhood. There are dog parks where dogs can run free, but other than that, I think leashes are a must here…I’d love for my dogs to run free with me, I’ll have to find a place to do that where they’d be safe!

  5. My dog is so not into running. I don’t know how much I would like running with her either. Although I always think it is so cool to see others running with their dogs.

    That sounds like a fun night with the friends. Bummer the dish didn’t have more flavor though. It certainly sounded great.

  6. running with my dog is somethings difficult. He LOVES squirrels and other dogs. Sometimes I leave him at home because of this, but maybe I should give him a few chances haha

    • yeah, my one dog gets a bit nutso for other dogs too! Sometimes I do have to stop and have them sit and refocus and then we get back to running! So I always allow times for random ‘pit stops’ 🙂

  7. ohh i love tha tpic of you with the pups!! so cute! i don’t have dogs, but I will definately be taking them for some jogs when i DO have pups of my own! (which I will! 🙂 )

  8. aw how sweet!
    I’ve taken ozzy for short runs, up to 3 miles. He’s not a huge fan of it but when i run in the woods he loves to come along because he can be free!
    He’s very well leash trained so there isn’t any issue there, he will run dutifully by my side so I don’t have to worry too much. It was necessary for him to be very well trained on leash, since he basically weighs almost as much as I do! He just gets soo hot even when it’s not that hot out. And I think he gets bored road running. He doesn’t have that focus of the more athletic breeds I think. He loves being in the woods or running on the beach. Basically anywhere he can be free and sniff things 😀 but he never goes far. If he loses sight of us even for a moment he gets a bit freaked out. Sometimes I hide behind a tree to trick him! haha

  9. Thanks for the tips!! My terrier is a little on the ADD side…I’m not sure running with him would work! But you’ve inspired me to give it a shot…or at least to make it a point to take him on more walks. 🙂 He loves it so much…even if it gets a little annoying when he has to stop at EVERY bush, mailbox, and tree on my route lol

  10. I love this post! I grew up in Strongsville and on my visits back home (I live in Arizona now) I love meeting up with friends at Wine Bar. Seeing it and Indians hats made me smile 🙂 Also! I adopted a chocolate lab in January and love running with him. He’s so much better running than walking…sniffs less and goes to the bathroom less and is all around happier. Thanks for all the extra tips!

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