Scale Challenge Results

What a beautiful day it is here in Cleveland!  For days it kept raining and raining and we had pretty bad storms. And now the storms have finally gone away and the sun is out with a nice, cool breeze.

Sunny Skies

I took full advantage of this weather and took Boo and Sophia out for a walk around the neighborhood.  We walked for 30 minutes, which is our typical amount.



After our walk I made breakfast and watched Live with Regis and Kelly.  Today I work at 11AM, so I have time to relax and enjoy my morning.

Today’s breakfast included:

  • 2 eggs, over easy
  • 1 orange
  • 1 whole wheat english muffin
  • Coffee with half and half

Lately I’ve been craving eggs after being on a cereal kick for what seems like years! It’s amazing how cravings can change over night.  Cereal doesn’t sound appealing to me at all!  So eggs have been on the menu for the past week or so.

Scale Challenge Update

So it’s been a month since I posed the challenge to myself to not step on the scale for a month…well, it didn’t go as well as I hoped.  I cheated.

My curiosity got the best of me and I weighed myself two weeks in.  My weight was in my normal range, which is great, but then I felt guilty and a bit mad at myself that I couldn’t stick to my challenge.

Challenge Loser...

And to be honest, I weighed myself the following week too!  So, my challenge turned into the “two week no-scale challenge” instead of the month long challenge.

On the positive side, I feel really good about myself without the scale.  I didn’t have that pesky number “weighing” on my shoulders so to speak and I feel great!

Happy Lindsey

Increase in Happy Weight

However, after my vacation I weighed myself, and for the first time in nearly 7 years I’m a couple of pounds over my happy weight range

I think weighing myself weekly all of these years has kept me accountable.  Since I didn’t weigh myself weekly I found myself getting a bit too relaxed with the junk food.  I figured, why not? I won’t have to weigh in. Unfortunately, that kind of decision making has made my weight increase past my comfort.

My plan right now is not to freak out about the increase in weight, but to place more emphasis on what I am eating and for what reasons. I’m not going to go scale crazy either, and will only weigh myself weekly or bi-weekly.  I really just want to focus on being more intuitive with myself.  Lately I’ve felt a bit mindless when it comes to eating, just going through the motions.

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself eating a lot of sweets after dinner because they were there.  I wasn’t even craving it or hungry for it.  So my plan is to be more aware of what I am eating, but NOT restrict in any way.  I think getting back on track with being more mindful should bring my weight back down to my healthy range.  I’ll keep you posted on “Plan Healthy Weight”!

What I’ve learned over the past month:

My weight is in a very healthy range, even if I don’t always like the number on the scale (which is’s just a number, and a perfectly healthy one at that!).  I have come to terms with the number and realize that it really is just a number.  It doesn’t reflect my level of fitness and does not dictate my worth.

My healthy weight range is for my body and may not be for someone else.  I’ve chose to accept that this is where my body likes to be and where it optimally functions.  Even now having gained a couple of pounds I’ve found that I am not as hungry as I typically am with my activity level.  Perhaps it’s my body’s way of trying to get back to it’s “range”.  It’s saying “pay attention to me!” and now I am…sorry I over fed you body 😉

Lessons learned!

14 responses to “Scale Challenge Results

  1. I don’t think looking at a scale is that big of a deal–IF oyu have the right mindset about it which I know you do.

    I still weigh myself every 1-2 weeks.

  2. I think it’s really hard to give up the scale cold turkey, so I think you did a wonderful job all things considered! It’s great it made you made some realizations, too— I recently discovered that I want to be the best ME there is (which includes a weight that is healthy for me and not someone else). Great post!

  3. Lesson learned is right! I love well you take it in stride though… your clear blue sky picture is beautiful. I wish everyday could be like that!

  4. Great post, i loved it!! x

  5. You are certainly not a challenge loser, going two weeks without the scale is a major accomplishment! (one that I cannot do quite yet). I think this is great, healthy post and the way you are dealing with the number is fantastic. Even if you are a few pounds more than you would like to be, remember that you have the ability to get back to where you are more comfortable for both your mind and body. I always get worried that I can’t control weight gain, but you really can and it’s completely normal to go up and down through different periods of your life 🙂

  6. I love over easy eggs…sopping them up with some kind of bread is the BEST!!!

    As for the scale challenge…I gave it up cold turkey a few months ago and never looked back. For me I found that I don’t miss not knowing my exact number. It just makes me feel better about everything. I am in a much better mood just not knowing. It helps me. I didn’t know if I would be able to do it but after a few weeks I kind of forgot. I put the scale way…out of sight out of mind and now it has easily been 4 months. 🙂

  7. Sorry about the challenge. My challenges almost always flop. haha I’m happy you’ve had such an enlightening month though. Good for you!

  8. Thanks for being so honest about stepping on the scale. I have found that if I can use the scale with a healthy, non-obsessive mindset it really is SUCH a great tool to help me stay accountable. Although whenever it becomes a trigger I will gladly step away. It’s crazy how the scale can be such a personal thing.

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  10. I cannot leave without my scale… 😦 Bravo!! Excellent try!!

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  12. Good job at trying, you made it two weeks and that’s awesome. You are the reason I decided to do a no scale challenge this month. I’m so happy that you inspried me to do it. I feel in a better mood already.

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