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Return of the Perfect Cereal

Last week I couldn’t get enough eggs and had them for both breakfast and dinner multiple times.  Now this week my craving has changed from a savory breakfast to a sweeter breakfast…cereal!  It’s amazing how cravings all of a sudden change.

I wrote previously about how I make my perfect cereal.  You can’t go wrong with berries, a mix of cereal, and milk.  It’s probably my favorite breakfast combo.  Berries may also be my favorite fruit, I seem to  never get sick of them like I do with bananas or apples.  Berries for life! 🙂

Strawberries + Blueberries

This morning’s cereal consisted of three different kinds of cereal.  I love to mix my cereal and can’t remember when I actually just had one cereal in my bowl.  I love the different tastes and textures.  Plus I like to mix a higher fiber cereal with a more “fun” cereal.  Too much fiber can make my stomach hurt, so I limit the amount in my breakfast since I also eat high fiber throughout the day.

Cereal Mix

In the mix:

First, I put a layer of fruit on the bottom of the bowl.  It’s probably roughly a cup.  Then I added a layer of cereal.  On top of that layer went more fruit and some more cereal.  I topped it all off with light soy milk.  On the side I had coffee with a splash of the same milk (I prefer half and half, but we’re out!)

My Perfect Cereal


Cereal Prices

Cereal has always been one of my favorite breakfasts, even as a kid.  In high school my cereal of choice was Special K with strawberries.  I typically don’t buy Special K anymore and try to stick with a more high fiber and nutrient dense cereal.  Plus, Special K is getting pricey!  I buy the Peanut Butter Bumpers and Flax Plus cereals at a local grocery store called Marcs and both are less than $3.00! At Whole Foods the Bumpers are closer to $5.00…way too much.  I tend to only buy Whole Foods 365 brand cereals when I shop because they are inexpensive.  The Shredded Wheat was  only about $2.00.

Thursday Plans

Now it’s time to get to work! I work early today and will be outta here by 2:30pm.  I love my early days! After work I plan on taking the dogs out for a walk if it’s not storming…the forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms so hopefully we can squeeze some exercise in there!

As for my own workout, I am teaching two classes today so that will be my exercise for the day. I’m teaching Healthy Back and Yoga.  Healthy back is a 60-minute class that has a mix of light aerobics, strength training and stretching.  The Yoga class is 45-minutes, where I do a mix of flowing poses and more static poses, focusing on holding the pose and breathing.

Have a great day!

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite breakfast?