Peanut Butter Coffee Beer

Saturday started with a bright n’ early run with these two crazies:

Living Room Wrestling Match

 Luckily they were a bit calmer on the run and managed to hold off on the wrestling while we tackled our 3 miles without any issues.  It was perfect running weather too, upper 60s with the sun covered a bit by the clouds. 
A Hairy Situation
The dogs and I came back from our run just in time for the plumbers to arrive to unclog my bath tub. Someone’s hair has been making quite the nest deep down in the drain and it got so bad that the water was not draining anymore.

Nah, couldn't have been my hair...

Lesson learned: must use a drain cover that stops the hair from going down!  Luckily Andy had gone out to the store and picked one up for me.  Hopefully no more clogs anytime soon! 
While the plumbers were snaking the drain, I sat outside on our back patio and read for a while while sipping some water to cool down after the run.  The dogs went back to their Wrestling Match for Round 2 of the morning:
Boo and Sophia: The ferocious contenders!

 Once the plumbers left, I fixed myself some cereal and relaxed for a bit before running some errands and heading out for the night with Andy.

Peanut Butter Coffee Beer

Andy and I decided to go to a local place called Willoughby Brewing Company for dinner and drinks.  The Brewing Company always has different types of beers on tap and it changes frequently since they brew them fresh at the restaurant.

On Tap for Saturday was:

Beer Menu

 I started with the Railway Razz while Andy went for the Moon Shadow

  • Railway Razz: “Deep-red and jammed with 350 pounds of fresh Oregon raspberries, this multiple medal-winning fruit beer is just the thing for lunch, dinner, dessert, or any other occasion we can think of!”
  • Moon Shadow:“A new IPA for the upcoming spring months, this beer was brew with a selection of the finest hops, then we dumped some more hops in after fermentation for good measure!”

    Moon Shadow

We eached enjoyed our beers and ordered a 2nd round.  Andy stuck with same beer while I was intrigued by the Peanut Butter Coffee Porter:

“We took our Gutterpup Porter and added a secret blend of coffee and peanut butter to create this crowd favorite!”

PB Coffee Beer

This beer was full of flavor and I really enjoyed the hints of coffee and peanut butter.  It was a bit heavy though and just one glass was enough! The Railway Razz was lighter and more freshreshing.  However, they were both unique in their own ways and I would try both of them again in the future.

For our dinner we decided to split the Shrimp Bang Bang dip, which was rich and creamy and served with tortilla chips.  We each also got a salad to eat.  I went with the Sante Fe and Andy went with the Chopped Cob. Everything was delicious!

After our dinner we went down the street to another bar where I got one more drink, a cosmo, and Andy got another beer.  We spent about an hour or so there until I was getting sleepy (AKA, the Grandma in me coming out) and wanted to hit the sack.  It was a nice night out on the town in Willoughby, OH.

Omelets and Waffles

I love Sundays and often use them as a day to relax, clean, and grocery shop.  I also like to make special breakfasts for Andy and I since we don’t get the chance to do so during the week.  Today’s breakfast was a good one: omelets and waffles!

I had some mushrooms and onion to use up, so I decided to fill the omelets with that, along with a slice of American cheese.

Onions + Mushrooms

Along with our Mushroom and Onion Omelets, I toasted up some Flax Waffles from Whole Foods:

Flax Waffles

Breakfast came together pretty quickly and we enjoyed our hearty meal with some fresh coffee:

Sunday's Breakfast

 I enjoyed my coffee with a splash of light soymilk and topped my waffle with real maple syrup.  I loved the combination of this meal because it was both sweet and savory. 

Sweet + Savory

Now that we are properly fueled, it’s time to hit up TJ Maxx (Just to “browse”…which is code for finding some cute summer dresses!) and Whole Foods for some much needed groceries. 

Enjoy your Sunday!!

Question of the Day:

Which do you prefer, pancakes or waffles? I’m definitely a pancake girl when given the choice!


7 responses to “Peanut Butter Coffee Beer

  1. I love those 365 waffles!!!

    & your pups are ADORABLE. They definitely think they’re tough stuff 😀

  2. I love both…but if I had to choose, I’d say pancakes- with chocolate chips!

  3. What a brave girl to try that very unique beer!

  4. Oh I would have had to have tried that beer too. Very interesting. Love the puppy wresting pics – too cute!

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  6. That beer sounds interesting. I like coffee flavors, and due to my love of pb, I’d have to try it too. Thanks for reviewing it!

    Oh, and I’m not sure about waffles or pancakes. I like them both, but I can’t remember the last time I had a waffle. 10 years old??? Perhaps it’s time I hit up a Waffle House!

  7. Peanut butter coffee beer?!? Omg- I’m going to have to Google that now & find out where I can find it!! 🙂

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