Healthy Snacks

Woohoo it’s Friday!! In about 5 hours I will be eating pizza and catching up on the last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of NYC.  Such an exciting life I lead, I know! But it is Pizza Friday after all 🙂

Andy is out of town on a guy’s trip this weekend so me and the dogs are home alone.  I miss him already, but I’m glad he’s out enjoying some guy time and having fun.  I on the other hand will enjoy some relaxation this weekend because I don’t have any big plans.  I actually enjoy weekends like these and often crave them.  I need alone time and a free schedule.  I feel refreshed by the time Monday roles around.

Healthy Snacks

While preparing my lunch today of left over ravioli from earlier in the week, I made sure to pack a healthy afternoon snack to have at work.

Ravioli + Grapes = My Lunch Today

On Fridays I work the closing shift, so I am here until 7:30pm.  I eat lunch on my late days at 2pm, since I don’t come in until 11:00am.  By 5:30pm, I’m ready for an evening pick-me-up in the form of a healthy snack.

Today’s snack of choice has been a favorite of mine for some time: Yogurt + Fruit + Peanut Butter.  You can’t go wrong with this winning combo!

Snack Attack

The Chocolate Oikos Greek Yogurt is pretty amazing.  The caramel flavor is even better if you’re looking for a delicious treat.

While packing my lunch, I had to get a quick taste of the peanut butter…

Don't mind me...

Peanut butter is probably one of the best foods in the world. Yep, I think it’s that good. Peanut butter is my buddy 😉

Love ya buddy!

Some other snacks I enjoy taking to work or on the go are:

  • Whole wheat tortilla roll up with nut butter
  • Whole wheat tortilla + string cheese melted into a quesadilla
  • Lara Bars or other snack bars
  • Protein Shake (I prefer one without artificial sweeteners) + a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts
  • Greek Yogurt + Berries + Almonds
  • Greek Yogurt + Cereal + Peanut Butter

Basically, I like to include a bit of protein, some carbs, and healthy fat.  I find that having all of those components keeps me satisfied until my next meal.

Peeping Tom

While packing up my lunch and snack for the day, I spent some time spying on the dogs in the back yard.  I was like a Peeping Tom…how creepy!

Wrestling Match

They spent some time wresting (typical) and running around doing laps like crazed lunatics:

Then my cover was blown…they spotted the creeper in the window:

What are YOU looking at?

I just love my pups! 🙂

Time for me to get back to work…I have two fitness assessment appointments this evening so that should keep me pretty busy along with nightly cleaning!  Have a great evening!


What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?


9 responses to “Healthy Snacks

  1. LOL love seeing pics of the pups in action. I too try to include a balance of protein, carbs and fiber in all of my snacks. Happy Pizza Friday!

  2. when you make anything with PB, I always have to get a spoonful too! haha
    Favorite snack: Apples, larabars, pecans or almonds

  3. Avocados with soy sauce on them..OR peanut butter and fruit…SO SO SO SO GOOOD!

  4. Apple and peanut butter is one of my favorite snacks too!

  5. I love apples and PB! And bananas and PB. Annnnnd..probably anything with PB haha!

    Your dogs are TOO cute.

  6. You’re pups are adorable! Thanks for some new snack ideas to try. I’ve always wanted to try the chocolate and caramel oikos- they look delicious!

  7. “I’m like a peeping Tom…” LOL! 😀 you are too funny!
    PB & I are like bffs too. Love it. Could never live without it.

  8. My guy left as well for a guys weekend, so it is me and Cooper. I agree, I like weekends where I am just buy myself and don’t have much to do.
    My fav snacks are usually yogurt/cereal/pb, protein muffins of some sort, or protein bars.

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