Giant Breadsticks

On Andy’s way back from Michigan yesterday for his guy’s trip he made a pit stop at one of our all-time favorite places: Campus Pollyeyes.

Campus Pollyeyes is a pizza place Andy and I would often go to during our time in college at BGSU.  Lucky for us, it was just a short walk from both our houses and made for the perfect hangover meal 😉

Since Bowling Green, Ohio is close to Michigan, Andy was nice enough to pick up a large box of chicken, cheese and onion bread sticks at our old stomping ground in BGSU.


But these are no ordinary bread sticks.  They are giant stuffed bread sticks! Literally, they’re the size of my head:

One breadstick is enough…but two is even better.  I enjoyed these babies as my dinner dipped in Pollyeyes’ homemade ranch dressing.  Healthy? no.  A small piece of Heaven? Yes 🙂

Giant Stuffed Bread sticks

Since Andy spent his day traveling he was exhausted, so we called it an early night and were in bed by 9:30pm.  I was exhausted from my weekend of shopping (hello, drama!) and the many naps I took.  It’s a tough life I lead, I know 😉

But before we could fall asleep Boo and Sophia had to have a quick wrestling match on our bed.  How convenient!

Sophia, come and get me!

Sophia didn’t seem to interested at first, but after all the crap Boo was talking, she quickly got her game face on:

Those are fighting words, Boo!

They spent a good 10 minutes barking at one another and wrestling around:

Then they called a truce and were best buds again:

All in a day’s work for Boo and Sophia!

Monday: Back to the Grind

I woke up feeling refreshed from a weekend of relaxation (plus I took Saturday and Sunday as rest days from working out).  I decided to take Boo and Sophia on a quick 2-mile jog around the neighborhood before breakfast.  The weather was a cool 62 degrees and sunny.  It was just about perfect!

I made another delicious bowl of cereal to eat and now I am sipping my coffee about to get ready to go to work.  It’s Monday and it’s back to the grind!

Monday's Breakfast

Time to get my booty in gear and head off to work for the day! Have a great Monday!


Do you have any favorite college or hometown restaurants that you have to get when you are in for a visit?


9 responses to “Giant Breadsticks

  1. 62 degrees and sunny sounds like the most perfect running conditions ever! I’m always torn between running before work and driving there, or walking to work. I feel like it has to be either or, because running and then walking would be a little much before breakfast… Have a great Monday!

  2. Oh yes! I usually try new things when traveling, but not when I go to my home or college town. That’s definitely an exception! Those breadsticks would keep me coming back for sure!

  3. Oh I HAVE to go to Mary Lou’s coffee when I am back in Massachusetts 😀 And the Fireside Grille in Middleboro… SWOON!

    Nothing beats good breadsticks! I still love the Olive Garden *just* for their breadsticks haha.

  4. Freebirds was started in college station and they make these huge stuffed burritoes. Think Chipotle but like a 1000 times better!

  5. Those breadsticks look amazing! I went to Miami of Ohio and when I visit I love to go to Bagel and Deli 🙂

  6. Oh heavens to those breadsticks. Can you mail one to me in OKlahoma?

    I love going back to my college town. It’s so nostalgic and I just want to eat everything. but me and sean always go eat at a pizza place!

  7. Those breadsticks sound so yum! I can’t think of any special places I have to hit up besides the restaurants in Daytona when we’re there.

  8. HOLY YUM! Those breadsticks look so good! I’m such a sucker for breadsticks…well, make that bread of any kind 😉

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