A Taco Pile + Circuit Workout

After a long day of work, I knew I wanted a dinner that would come together quickly.  It was time for the return of Taco Tuesday!

Taco Fixins'

Andy and I had would make tacos pretty religiously on Tuesdays in the fall. Then some how we kind of forgot about it (or maybe we just got burnt out!)  Luckily the time away from tacos has peaked our interest again.  Taco Tuesday was a hit!

Usually I cook chicken in the crock pot, but I thought I’d change it up for this Taco Tuesday.  Instead, I cooked the chicken on the stove.  I heated about 2tbsp of olive oil in a pan and sliced up two chicken breasts.  I seasoned the chicken with salt, pepper, chili powder, and garlic powder and let it sizzle away over medium heat.

Then I added a can of green chilies to give it some spice.  The chicken turned out delicious! If you like a little heat, the chili powder and green chilies are where it’s at!

On the side I made some Spanish rice, which is one of my favorites:

I cooked the rice according to the package directions and in about 25 minutes, the rice was done and ready to be devoured:

Instead of making a traditional taco, I made what I call a taco pile. I piled all of the ingredients on to my plate and dipped some chips into it.  It’s what I do when I eat at Chipotle, so I figured I would recreate this at home.

My Taco Pile

This pile of goodness hit the spot! Another successful Taco Tuesday.


I’m someone who likes a little something sweet after dinner on most nights.  Last night was no exception! I had asked Andy to pick up some sour cream and cheese at the store on his way home from work for our tacos.  We both have a love for sweets, so he swung by the cookie section and picked up some chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies.

I had my cookies with a glass of soy milk. Mmm Mmm! 

Although I typically like homemade cookies, these were very  tasty for store bought! Nice buy, Andy 🙂

While Andy and I were eating Sophia made sure to do her nightly vacuuming

I'm on clean up duty

Thanks, Soph!

30-Minute Circuit Workout

Yesterday I worked out on my lunch break so that meant I had 30 minutes to get er’ done! I wasn’t in the mood to run or commit to a full weight lifting session so I decided to mix it up and combine a whole slew of things into a 30-minute workout:

Cardio: 5 minutes Upright Bike: level 6

Weights: Repeat 2 times through

  • 20 step ups on high step, each leg (I just did my body weight)
  • 15 Overhead Dumbbell Shoulder Presses (Using two 15lb dumbbells)
  • 15 Assisted Pull Ups (90lbs Assisted)

Cardio: 5 minutes AMT: level 5

Weights: Repeat 2 times through

  • 14 (each leg) Walking Lunges with over head raises using 6lb medicine ball
  • 20 Overhand Barbell Rows (I just used the 45lb bar)
  • 12 Flat Dumbbell Chest Press (I used two 25lb dumbbells)

Cardio: 5 Minutes Treadmill Run: 6.0 mph

This workout was short, sweet and to the point.  I enjoyed moving from one thing to the next. Now it’s time to get ready to teach lunch time Turbo Kick

Question of the Day:

Are you someone who always likes to have some sort of dessert after dinner?


15 responses to “A Taco Pile + Circuit Workout

  1. I definitely need a sweet ending, but I usually do it after lunch. Without the little dessert I’ll be craving goodies all afternoon and I won;t focus on work (but rather on what I can get from the vending machine!) I try to bring a healthier dessert from home to end off all my lunches with.

  2. A taco pile is often what mine ends up like after one or two bites. Sometimes I just say “screw it” and throw it all in a bowl for that reason. 🙂

    I always need “something” after dinner. However big or small. I’m always going to be a sugar girl…

  3. Love your taco tuesday (AND pizza friday!!!) ideas. I think tacos/mexican food is my favorite and the pile you made looks amazing!

    I dont need something sweet all the time, but during my offseason I defintily ENJOY a treat here and there

  4. What a fun circuit!

  5. I go in and out of dessert phases. Sometimes I NEED it and other times I’m okay without it. Those cookies look DELISH! Anything chocolate + pb is A-OK in my book 😉

  6. I love anything with the word taco in it. Seriously.

  7. My dogs like to clean my floors like that too 😉

  8. I don’t necessarily have to have dessert after dinner, but I always have a piece of chocolate :). And then later on, I typically have a bowl of cereal.

  9. I always love your workouts… every time I complete one I am guaranteed sore the next day. Thanks for continuously providing these butt-kickin workouts 🙂
    I like to have something sweet after dinner too! A gummy candy of some sort will usually suffice

  10. That depends…but more often than not I am good without having something sweet after dinner. Mainly because after dinner I usually go upstairs to read and I forget about it dessert. Then if I do think about it I am usually too lazy to go downstairs and get anything!

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