Getting Back on the Healthy Track

When holiday weekends or vacations arrive sometimes my healthy habits can go out the window. For instance, when my girlfriends came over for a visit on Friday night I felt myself reverting back to the 21-year old me and stayed up late partying, bar hopping, and drinking way too much.  And when attending the 4th of July picnic at Andy’s parent’s house, I just about ate my weight in chips and salsa amongst other things.

And while I think this is completely healthy and fine for me to indulge often and let go of the reigns so to speak, I also feel it’s equally important to know when to get back on track and make healthier decisions.  What helps me from not totally giving up on my healthy lifestyle is getting right back on the healthy track after my vacation or holiday weekend.


For me, it all starts with planning.  For instance, on Monday night after the 4th of July picnic I made sure to pack my workout clothes to take to work the following day to get an exercise session in on my lunch break.

While at work, I completed this 30-minute interval treadmill run:

This workout was just what I needed to feel back on track with exercise.  Plus, with taking a couple of days off from working out on the weekend I felt that I had tons of energy.  The extra rest can certainly make a difference!

Along with packing my workout attire and getting right back on track with workouts, I also packed my lunch and snacks for the day and made sure to have a wholesome breakfast to start my day off on the right foot.

By taking these steps I seem to fall right back on track with my healthy lifestyle. Plus, I just feel so much better when I am exercising regularly and eating wholesome foods that it makes it easy to keep up with.

My Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone’s definition of a healthy lifestyle is different, but what I’ve come to learn is that for me I need to not feel like I have two different lives: A healthy one and a non-healthy one.   I have just one lifestyle and I consider it a healthy one.

For example, I don’t swear of ice cream or sweets during the week and eat myself into a coma come Saturday.   I’ve done this before (with the so-called cheat day) and it doesn’t work for me.  I still incorporate treats into my week no matter what day it is.  In fact, Andy and I enjoyed our beloved Dairy Queen hot fudge sundaes last night after dinner:

By “getting back on track” I mean that sometimes during a holiday or vacation I indulge a lot more than I typically do (like eating Taco Bell at midnight), but it’s OK! I find it all balances out if you have an easy going approach to food and exercise and you don’t totally abandon your exercise and nutrition habits after vacation. Trust in your self!


How do you get back on track after a vacation or holiday? Or do you stick to the same type of eating and exercise schedule?

11 responses to “Getting Back on the Healthy Track

  1. I feel like I get back on track every Monday! I let loose on the weekends and then Monday-Friday is on point. It works well because I don’t feel like I have to be strict all the time.. plus the only time I really go do fun things (and want to eat fun foods or drink booze) is on the weekends. Then when Monday comes I am chugging the water and hitting the gym. I loved this post! You are a great example!

  2. This is such a great post! I am trying to stay on track, but when I do take a lazy day here or there its fine, just gotta get back on track and find that balance!

  3. I like to get back on track with the next meal if possible! If not, then the next day, I try to get in a good workout and make sure to eat lots of veggies so that I my body feels better!

  4. For me, the most important thing about getting back on track is exercising. When I move, I am more inclined to fuel myself correctly.

  5. It depends on the vacation…for something like Memorial Day or July 4th I typically keep my same eating schedule…maybe a tad more indulgent but nothing over the top. It is holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas that do me in. Pecan pie is my archnemisis!

  6. I try to stick to my regular foods and schedule but getting off track is pretty much inevitable. I think I get back into the healthy living groove by waking up with a clean slate the first day things are back to normal. I try to be more mindful for a few days, which for me, means going to bed a bit hungry (I CAN NOT be trusted around bedtime snacks!!)

    • Perhaps you could eat more during the day and at dinner…I don’t think anyone should go to bed hungry if they can help it!

      I find that when I have the urge to snack at night it’s either because I am truly hungry and didn’t eat enough during my day (and therefore i eat!) or it’s boredom…and then I try to find something else to do (although sometimes I do still snack, but hey, I’m human and I sometimes eat for boredom!)

      Bottom line, I don’t think you should go to bed hungry…just my two cents 🙂

  7. I hear you on this one, this past weekend was horrible for me eating and drinking wise. I don’t stress out to much, I dont over indulge that often. So I just basically go back to my normal healthy eating habits and I might do some extra cardio here or there and watch my calories a little bit more closely for the next week or two,

  8. Love this and could not agree more. For me, I listen to my body! Am I as hungry today or this morning because I ate more yesterday? Sometimes I am not but ultimately it is just my mind because I always end up eating the same amount that day as a regular day anyway.

  9. i love this! I feel like you are so balanced and its awesome. i battle with my 21 yr old self and my 30 year old mindset lots of times, haha

  10. I usually indulge a bit more during the holidays, but that’s mainly because there’s food there that I wouldn’t normally have around. So getting back on track is pretty easy once I’m back to my normal schedule and lack of sweets around! I feel like that’s the balance that works for me – I indulge in special occasions but the majority of the time I’m eating pretty well so I don’t have to worry about overdoing it every once in a while 🙂

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