Lazy Dinners

As much as I enjoy eating healthy meals, I don’t always enjoy cooking them.  Unless a meal is quick and requires little brain power, I don’t enjoy the process of cooking a complicated meal with numerous ingredients.

For some, cooking is relaxing and a way to unwind and get creative.  But to me, it often can feel like another thing to check off my “to do” list which makes it feel stressful and not enjoyable.   Enter the lazy dinner!  I’m all about meals that have very few ingredients, take little time to cook, but are still tasty, healthy, and fun to eat.

Some of my favorite lazy dinners are crock pot chicken to make tacos, homemade pizza, and enchiladas that I can make ahead of time and just pop in the oven.  Another form of laziness is using frozen vegetables that can be added to pasta or rice dishes.  Lazy to me is not meant to be a bad thing…rather a smart thing 😉

Last night I made quite the lazy dinner by combining boxed macaroni and cheese that I had in my pantry with frozen mixed vegetables.  It was one of those nights where nothing really sounded really good to eat.  But for some reason I can almost always go for some mac n’ cheese!

On the side I munched on some flax tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole hummus (all from Trader Joes).

Shelley had blogged about this hummus and I’ve been itching to try it.  It’s a good thing I did because it’s pretty darn amazing! It has such a great flavor and it really is a perfect combo of hummus and guacamole.  It gets an “A” rating from me! 🙂

My mix of foods made for the perfect lazy Sunday night dinner! Luckily I don’t have to think about dinner tonight because Andy is on dinner duty.  I love when he cooks, he always makes really delicious meals.

In Hiding 

After a lazy Sunday night, it was time to get back into my weekly groove. My morning started out with a 30-minute walk with the pups.  We headed out around 8:15am and it was already muggy and hot.  Luckily our neighborhood has lots of trees, so much of the walk was shaded.

However, all the shade in the world could not hide the fact that we felt like we were roasting. As soon as we came back home, Sophia buried herself into a bush to get some shade:

Can you spot the dog in hiding?

Please, no pictures

I was all sweaty as well, even wearing my really cool shorts (Andy hates these shorts and makes fun of them…but I don’t care, they’re comfy!)

Yes, be jealous of my fashion decisions

We all headed inside to cool off and I devoured a bowl of cereal before heading off to work.  It’s back to the grind today! Luckily I am leaving for vacation on Saturday back to Emerald Isle, NC for a whole week…and I can not wait!

Have a great Monday everyone!


Do you enjoy cooking? 

P.S. Thanks for the compliments on my dress that I wore to Kelly’s wedding! I got it over a year ago at TJ Maxx on clearance (it’s by Jessica Simpson in case you’re interested) and never wore it.  In fact, I had a “dress vote” to pick a dress for another friend’s wedding and it was a contender.   Sometimes digging into your own closet can be beneficial and can help save some money!

6 responses to “Lazy Dinners

  1. Oh I totally agree about cooking. It WAS a stress reliever til I had to start cooking for both me and my hubby (I’m a veggie, he’s a carnivore, we both eat tons, etc lol).

  2. I’m attempting to learn to cook…so I’m not really sure if I enjoy it yet haha. Although, I totally feel ya on the lazy dinners 🙂

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