Healthy Food Awards

Something about a man cooking dinner is so attractive…luckily I’m dating a guy that cooks! 😉

Last night Andy cooked up his secret recipe chicken (that I will find out!):

Along side the chicken Andy cooked up some rice and veggies to round out our delicious dinner:

This chicken was so good that I had to go back for seconds.  I went to bed with a full (and happy!) belly. Tonight I am on dinner duty which means another lazy dinner!  We’re  having Taco Tuesday.

Healthy Food Awards

On my 30-minute lunch break at work I sometimes chill out with a magazine while eating. I happened to pick up the latest Fitness Magazine and spotted the Healthy Food Awards.  It’s an annual article where they discuss different types of foods that they have tested.  This article talked about the healthiest Snack Items (You can see them all here).

Today I thought I would do my own addition of my favorite healthy snack foods since I am an avid snack lover! I listed my top two favorite snack item in each category.  Here we go!

Favorite Crunchy Snacks:

Favorite Sweet Treats: 

Favorite Savory Snacks:

Favorite Drinks:

Call me crazy but I don’t like juice or other types of drinks other than water or plain iced tea.  So instead I’ll list my top two summer alcoholic beverages, which I always adore 🙂

  • Cosmo: Sweet, yet has that nice bite!
  • Bud Light Lime: These are especially good on the beach!

Favorite Frozen Desserts:

Favorite Snack Bars:

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite snack right now?

12 responses to “Healthy Food Awards

  1. I just recently read that article too! I like to look at those every so often to get some new ideas for my own snacks. Great list you have here too, I love those types of almonds too, and fudgsicles are the way to my heart 🙂 My favorite snack right now is an apple with a few hefty spoonfuls of a cinnamon vanilla almond butter I recently bought. So simple but so tasty together!

  2. It’s really so nice having a guy who doesn’t mind cooking. I love those raw revolution bars. So good and not overly sweet (maybe why so many don’t like them and I do). And for whatever reason, your comments have been going to spam so I’ve been missing them 😦

  3. I like all your picks! One of my favorites is the Sabra organic hummus! The perfect dip!!

  4. I love cocoa almonds!

  5. As far as processed snacks, I’d have to say sunchips. I have been loooooving Kind Bars and organic nectarines lately though. And, of course, guac. Guac is always a classic 😉

    I’m so with you though on not liking drinks other than water and tea! Throw coffee in there and that’s me to a tee!

  6. We had “Healthy Food Awards” when I worked at Health Magazine. It’s always interesting to see!

    My favorite snack right now is definitely trail mix! Can’t beat it (but I also can’t stop eating it!)

  7. Oh I LOVE that feature in Fitness!! I still have last year’s issue with that list hahah. I LOVE Sabra hummus…it is THE very best brand.

  8. TJ’s Guacamole Hummus IS amazing! It was my new favorite find there a few weeks ago!

  9. No surprise that all of your likes are high up on my lists as well. 😉

    Although I haven’t tried the guacamole hummus yet. I must!

  10. I love this idea! Trader Joe’s also makes a multi-seed tortilla chip (with flax) that I buy when I’m down and smuggle back to Canada in my suitcase. Another snack I smuggle are Newman’s Own High Protein Pretzels… they are so, so, so good!

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