Full Fat is Where it’s At!

Last night was another successful Taco Tuesday!

Included in our buffet of taco ingredients were:

  • Shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • Organic Sour Cream
  • Rice
  • Vegetarian beans
  • Sauteed sweet peppers and mushrooms
  • Chopped tomato
  • Guacamole Hummus
  • Hot salsa
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Tortillas

First, I washed and chopped some fresh veggies that I picked up at Trader Joes over the weekend:

These mini sweet peppers rule! They are so delicious.

I sauteed the veggies in some olive oil and fresh garlic and seasoned with salt and pepper

Next I made some Spanish inspired rice by using leftover brown rice Andy had made the other night.

In the rice went:

  • Cilantro (dry)
  • Chili Powder
  • Taco Seasoning
  • Black Pepper
  • Garlic Powder

I also heated up a can of refried vegetarian beans in the microwave. We were going to have leftover chicken that Andy had made, but unfortunately we left it in the oven (which was off) overnight and for the whole day. Since neither of us are into food poisoning we decided to forgo the chicken.  Vegetarian Taco Tuesday it was! 🙂

I made another taco pile for my dinner:

My eyes were bigger than my stomach tonight and I ate only about half of my pile! Or perhaps I was saving room for ice cream…which we got later 😉

This sour cream was absolutely the star of Taco Tuesday.  It’s probably the best store bought I’ve had! Full fat sour cream also makes a difference in my opinion. The low fat or fat free is bland.  Full fat is where it’s at! 🙂

After dinner Andy and I headed to Half Price Books. I am in need of beach reading material when I head to the beach this weekend for a week.

I ended up getting a few books (I even got one for $1!) and so did Andy.  It was a successful trip!

After our book purchases we headed to Jerry’s Dari for ice cream.  Andy and I both share a passion for ice cream and I love it.

What a dream boat

We each got flurries, which are basically blizzards.  They were amazing as always.  Andy got Oreo and I got Oreo and Reese Cup mixed together, which is only the best combination ever!

By the time we got home it was nearly 10pm which is bedtime for this grandma.

The Shorts

This morning started out with a walk with Boo and Sophia.  It was not nearly as hot as Monday, which was nice.  But that didn’t stop Sophia from collapsing on the patio to cool down:

Boo also was looking for some shade:

I was perfectly content since I was wearing my favorite pair of shorts:

Andy wanted me to clarify that he doesn’t hate these shorts (I said he did the other day) but he just likes to make fun of them because I literally live in them.  OK, glad we cleared that up.  Andy’s reputation is not ruined and he’s still the nicest guy in the world 🙂

I will wear these until they are falling apart…which I hope is not any time soon!


Do you have any clothing that you wear over and over again?

Do you eat full fat, reduced fat, or fat free dairy products? I like to eat mostly full fat, especially cheese and sour cream.  However, I do like low fat milk!

13 responses to “Full Fat is Where it’s At!

  1. I definitely have clothing that I wear over and over again…but then still feel the need to go buy new things haha. Sometimes I eat full fat and other times I eat reduced fat- it just depends on the mood I’m in

  2. Hahahah YES I have a pair of bright blue shorts from Old Navy that say “Hawaii” on them and I wear them ALL THE TIME (and have for the past…oh….5 years?!) because they’re so comfy and just the right size/length/etc. I will cry when they fall apart. Seriously.

    I love your Taco Tuesdays!!!

  3. Taco Tuesdays are such an amazing idea!! I’m so hungry now!

  4. I don’t eat a ton of dairy so when I do it is usually full fat (cheese, sour cream and cream for my coffee) but I do buy 2% greek yogurt. I don’t know how people use fat-free stuff…I would much rather have the fat than the funnky chemicals that are in there to replace the fat they have taken out. No thank you!!

  5. I usually go with low-fat dairy items but that is about as far as it goes. Try to give me low-fat peanut butter and I will slap you (especially because of all the added sugar… gross)!

    Pretty much if fat is skimmed away and nothing it added, I am cool! If fat is replaced with grossness, I am not cool!

  6. I definitely have clothing I wear over and over – I rotate like the same 7 outfits every week – haha.

    For dairy I usually go reduced fat or fat-free (except with soymilk) but that’s not really on purpose, it’s just the flavors and dairy types I like 🙂

    PS – you’ve SO got me craving mexican food and ice cream now!!

  7. Yum!!! I wear this tshirt (only at home) that has bleach stains on it. It is horrible to look at but it is comfy.

  8. I live in my pink mesh shorts! I cannot stand to be home in “real” clothes unless we have guests!

    I like fat free dairy because I’ve had enough of it not to know any better so I figure ignorance is bliss, hahahha.

  9. I have a high school football shirt that i wear to bed still. LOVE that shirt, its so comfortable! Full fat, fat free, or reduced? Hmm…as long as it tastes good it doesn’t matter to me.

  10. My cheese is usually full-fat, but my milk and yogurt is fat-free. Priorities. I’m not a sour cream fan, but I love those chips! So light and crunchy. Yum!

    I’m impressed you only ate half the plate. I’m a memember of the clean-plate club. Hopefully my membership expires soon!

  11. Yay we are having Taco Thursday tonight! Your post made me miss Trader Joe’s- the closest one is about 45 min from where I live so I don’t get there too often. Have to schedule it in soon though!

  12. LOVE taco Tuesdays.
    Craig has declared that we should have something taco-ish every Tuesday. Some Tuesdays it will be tacos, other times it will be nachos or enchiladas…something Mexican. I didn’t mind that suggestion one bit 😉
    & I have shorts & t-shirts like that too..that I just live in. Most of the shirts are from Craig though, just big baggy shirts are AWESOME to come home & crash in 🙂

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