Total Body Workout + Another Lazy Dinner

At work yesterday I taught a Total Body Toning class.  It’s a 45-minute class focusing on strength training.  I love teaching this format because I don’t have to worry about choreography like in my other classes (Turbo Kick and Step) and I can get creative with new moves.  Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching choreography and it’s a ton of fun.  But sometimes it’s nice to give my brain a rest from 32-count phrases and focus on pumpin’ some iron!

Yesterday’s Total Body Workout looked like this (click to view):


  • We took about a 30-second rest in between sets
  • The weights I personally used ranged from 5lb dumbbells (for exercises like shoulder raises) and 12lb dumbbells (for rows, chest presses, overhead shoulder presses, and biceps).  I used a 15lb body bar for the clean and press.
  • The squat with a front raise and leg lift looks like thisIt’s tough!
  • The side lunge and reach with an overhead raise looked like this except I used a dumbbell.

After teaching it was time for my lunch break so I decided to keep my workout momentum going and completed  30 minutes of cardio.  My workout looked like this:

Felt good to get in some heart pumpin’ cardio while listening to Lady’s Gaga’s newest CD (which is amazing!!)


Dinner was another lazy creation.  I picked up some orange chicken at Trader Joes over the weekend and decided it would be a good night to make it since Andy was out for the evening.

First I sauteed up some sweet peppers and mushrooms in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper:

As the veggies were cooking I heated the chicken in a canola oil blend over medium heat on the stove:

Along side the chicken and veggies I decided to make some Near East Roasted Pecan and Garlic rice.  This flavor is so, so good!

While waiting for everything to cook I sipped on one of my favorite drinks:

I love Skinny Girl Margaritas! I really enjoy the taste.  It’s not sweet at all like a typical margarita.  It’s more of a tart flavor and it’s refreshing.  I love em’!

Cheers! 🙂

Once the chicken was cooked (and I was slightly buzzed!), I added the delicious orange sauce (which I microwaved for 2 minutes) and sauteed veggies:

Dinner was ready!

As far as frozen meals go, this chicken is pretty tasty and I’d definitely buy it again to make one of my lazy dinners.

Play Time

When Andy got home around 8pm we relaxed outside on our patio.

We spent some time watching (and laughing) as Boo and Sophia went crazy running around:

Who you callin' crazy? You're the one dancing in the living room every morning... alone!

Watch me HOP!

Dog or monster?


For a moment they were calm:

But this one is never truly calm:

Love my pups! 🙂


Tomorrow morning I leave on my flight to North Carolina for a whole week to see my family! Andy isn’t going (booo!) because he already has used most of his vacation days.  I am going to miss him and the pups so much! But I am definitely looking forward to a week of relaxing, eating, sitting on the beach, running by the ocean, and just having fun with everyone.  See ya in Emerald Isle, NC!


Do you like to fly? I’m actually a bit scared of flying and I always feel nervous and can’t relax one bit while in the air (Andy on the other hand falls right to sleep!) But I  suck it up and do it because I want to go places and see friends and family that live far away.

Are you taking any vacations this summer?


12 responses to “Total Body Workout + Another Lazy Dinner

  1. I’ve always wondered how that Orange Chicken is from TJs! Thanks for showing us what’s up!

  2. Those squats/raises look awesome! I hate flying. I actually take Ativan before flights to calm myself down. So much anxiety.

  3. Max hates flying — he gets so motion sick — but I love it 😀 I can’t explain it. I love the weird slightly no-gravity feeling 🙂

    Have fun seeing your fam!!!!

  4. i wish we got those skinnygirl margaritas over here!

  5. I wish I could be sedated every time I had to fly, haha. Travel safe!!

  6. way to make a frozen TJ’s meal look gourmet! I’m totally buying that chicken next time.
    I had skinnygirl on friday night too, so yummy! have fun at home 🙂

  7. I always always wondered what the skinny girl margaritas tasted like!

  8. Thanks for this post! I appreciate the workout and the TJ’s chicken review. I have almost purchased that a number of times, so next time I think I’ll actually buy it.

    I’m not scared to fly, but I don’t really like it. I’m not a fan of security lines and delays. Other than that, it’s not too bad I guess.

  9. Lazy dinners are the best – and that one looks awesome!

    I used to LOVE to fly but as I get older (and realize how precious life is) I find I’m much more afraid of it than I ever used to be.

  10. That total body workout is something I would LOVE!! I love when people post workouts with dumbbells since thats all I have access to. It means that I can actually DO them! lol
    Have a great vacay!

  11. Skinny girl drinks are the best, I just tried them last week and fell in love. I just got back from Costa Rica, and man flying was horrible for me the way back just because I wanted to be home. I don’t really mind flying though, but I think I would rather drive places. I am not one to be closed up next to a ton of people.

  12. Mmmm that dinner sounds tasty! Lazy meals can be nice… Especially during the summer when I want to be doing other things.

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