I’m so happy that I got to spend an entire week with my family at the beach in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

Isn’t my little God Son, Beau, a cutie!?

I spend the majority of the week completely unplugged from the internet.  Sometimes it feels so good to do that (although I did miss reading blogs and I’m excited to get caught up with everyone!)

I didn’t blog on vacation because I wanted to fully relax and enjoy being with my family.  Being on the computer was not on my “to do list”.

I also didn’t blog daily because I literally did the same things day after day.  Those things included:

  • Running on the beach
  • Drinking on the beach
  • Napping on the beach
  • Eating on the beach
  • Eating at the house
  • Eating out at restaurants

You get the idea 😉

Do you notice a theme in the above pictures? 😉 I promise we did drink some water during the day too!

Some people love to have very active vacations and explore their destination.  I’m someone who loves to relax and sit on the beach. Call me crazy, but I love doing nothing! I can spend hours on the beach. 

Exercising on Vacation

Because I really do sit on my butt all day, I do enjoy getting out early and going for beach runs. This past week I split my workout up by running half of the time on the road and the other half on the beach covering right around 3.5 miles.

During the first half of my run I took in the sights of all the beautiful beach houses:

Then I ran up the public beach access board walk to get to the beach:

The last half of the run is along the water on the “harder” sand:

I love being right next to the ocean!

Can’t beat this view! I tackled 6 beach runs during my stay in Emerald Isle, NC (which took about 40 minutes each morning) and enjoyed every one of them.  I swear my body loves being by the water!

Post Vacation Blues

As my plane touched down in Cleveland yesterday I felt the “post vacation blues” setting in.  Luckily I had Andy and the pups to greet me and that cheered me up! I missed my little family while I was away! I told Andy that next year we both need to plan a week long vacation together.  This summer we’ve both had different activities going on and used our vacation hours for all sorts of things like weddings and camping trips. However we’re both heading to San Diego next weekend for a friend’s wedding. Neither of us have been there so I’m excited to see a new place!

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Do you prefer vacations where there are lots of activities (such as sight seeing and exploring) or vacations that are spent lying on the beach relaxing?

15 responses to “Unplugged

  1. I prefer the latter vacations! Or a mix of the two. I definitely need downtime fo sho! Looks like you had a great time – your early morning runs sound awesome!

  2. It is hard to say. Craig and I spent our vaca at an all inclusive resort in Costa Rica, and by the fourth day of drinking at the pool/beach we felt as if we were so ready to go home. We both agreed we had more fun in San Fran last summer because we were able to explore and also relax when we wanted to.

  3. I love both types of vacations! Sometimes I’m more in the mood for complete relaxation, and other times I want to explore and do all kinds of activities. Generally though, if I’m at the beach then I just want to relax 🙂

  4. I have just found your blog and LOVE it! The most recent vacation I went on was my honeymoon (in Hawaii in January) and it was a mix of the two. The first week we spent doing absolutely nothing except working out, laying by the pool, eating and drinking. It was perfect and exactly what we needed. But the next two weeks were spent doing much more. We’re both quite active and get restless after a while!

  5. I love both types of vacation! But I am going away in 2 short weeks and am looking forward to complete relaxation! Looks like I will just live vicariously through this post until then 😉

  6. I’m definitely in favor of relaxing vacays! Not much of a tourist.

  7. What a fun vacation! I am glad you had fun!! 🙂

  8. I prefer an active vacation too… similar to you and your beach runs. I think I’d get my butt handed to me if I tried to run in the sand though!

  9. It looks like you had SUCH a good time! It’s always good to get away and unplug for a while — kinda like hitting refresh, ya know? 🙂 haha.

    You look soo so gorgeous and happy in all of these pictures! You are just glowing right through the screen — you can FEEL your happiness & ease 🙂

  10. Seriously jealous!! I actually like both kinds, it just depends where Im at!! If Im near the beach then I want to be on the beach all the time, but sometimes if Im in a cool place I’ve never been too before I want to see the sites!

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