Blah Workouts

During my lunch break on Tuesday I decided to workout.  Since I work the early shift (6-2:30pm) working out during the lunch hour works best for me.  There’s no way I want to wake up earlier than 5AM to workout (gross) and working out in the evening is hard for me.  I lose all motivation to exercise when I go home.  Lunch time workouts have been a great solution!

Blah Workouts

However, on Tuesday I felt kind of blah when I was going through my workout.  Nothing sounded appealing to me.  The thought of spending 30-minutes on a cardio machine was almost depressing.  I guess I am still thinking of my lovely beach runs from last week! Transitioning from the beautiful sand and sun to the treadmill has been tough.  Instead of staying on one machine, I decided to do a bit of everything.

First, I started with a slow jog (5.0 speed) on the treadmill for 10 minutes to warm up.  Then I completed a short circuit of weights to keep me moving:

I repeated the exercises back to back then took about a minute’s rest and completed a 2nd round.

I finished up my 30-minute workout with 5 minutes on the AMT (level 5) and 5 minutes on the upright bike (level 6, RPM 85-95).

To be honest, I wasn’t feeling this workout.  I couldn’t shake the blah feeling.  But it was something and I am happy I moved my body!  The positive to having blah workouts is that it makes me really appreciate the times I have amazing workouts and feel great.  Can’t win em’ all!

Taco Tuesday

Luckily Taco Tuesday wasn’t a blah meal! I couldn’t wait to cook up the goods and dig in!

Something about Taco Tuesday  makes me want a margarita real bad.  Thank goodness I had some Skinny Girl Margarita left in the fridge!

Looks like my Pizza Friday Uniform has become my Taco Tuesday outfit as well! 😉

Tonight’s Taco Tuesday included a mixture of chicken, canned corn, and canned black beans seasoned and sauteed with salt, pepper, taco seasoning, garlic powder, chili powder and olive oil:

I just love using items from my pantry.  I always try to have beans, corn, and other canned goodies for nights like these.

Dinner came together in no time and Andy and I were ready to feast!

Another Taco Pile made it into my belly and I was a happy girl.  I was so happy I went back for seconds and devoured a bowl of ice cream while catching up on the Bachelorette (this is when Andy and I make our separate ways for a bit 😉 ).  It was a great Tuesday night!


How often do you have a “blah” workout?

11 responses to “Blah Workouts

  1. Ugh hate those types of workouts. This week I haven’t been super excited about my workouts, but thankfully they turned around once I got myself going. Love the Taco Tuesday outfit 😉

  2. I definitely draw the line at 5AM when it comes to workouts… anything earlier puts me in the “crazy zone” for the rest of the day.

    And yes- I have blah workouts on occasion. I usually end up giving in and not pushing it. Chalk it up to a rest day and give it a go the next!

  3. Honestly, I probably have a blah workout at least once a week. Usually mid-week when I just feel blah anyway! 🙂

  4. I hate “blah” workouts – they’re the worst. Usually when I start going I feel better – but the ones where I just can’t kick the “blah” stink so much. Sometimes ya just gotta listen to your body and let it be lazy I guess! 😉

    I want that taco pile – it looks SO delicious!

  5. Your outfit is amazing! 🙂 I am so lazy when it comes to dressing at home. I live in running shorts and racerback tanks.

    As for blah workouts, I have been going for a lot of blah runs lately… I blame the heat and humidity! Kind of makes me excited for the Fall, though I know I should enjoy it while it lasts.

  6. Oooooh Taco Piles look GOOD!!

    I have blah workouts every once in a while. When they’re lifting workouts, if it’s unshakeable (and I can tell, which is sometimes tricky), I try to just leave the gym after one or two sets maximum and come back a day or two later to do it — no use in wasting my time, ya know?

  7. I am obsessed with the name of your blog! Pure gold.

    I know the “blah” feeling with workouts. Some days I get to the gym, or lace up my shoes, and right away I know that I am not feeling it! But once I suck it up and work through the blah-ness of it all, I feel better after. But during, WOOF.

  8. 1. As I’ve recently said in my own post, I freaking LOVE Mexican food, and that chicken/corn/black bean combo is one of my very favorite fillings to mix up and stick in the fridge to stuff tortillas, top chips, and use as fillings for enchiladas. It’s so delicious!!!

    2. Almost every workout I’ve had lately has been blah, but here in Columbus, OH we’re experiencing a heat wave, so that’s a good excuse in my book to cut my normal daily walk/run down to less than half. I really would like to get an elliptical machine to put in my basement/office; I tell myself that it would inspire me to vary my routine and exercise more, but the boyfriend believes it’ll become another laundry rack, so… I don’t get one just yet!

  9. Yeah, I guess I have a blah workout every couple weeks. It happens.

    How is Mexican food so filling, delicious, easy for pantry goods or leftover veggies, and cheap? It’s definitely a staple in my house too.

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  11. That Mexican looks good…definitely making me hungry!!

    I have a blah workout about once a month or so. Usually I will just drop the number of reps I’m doing and try to lift as heavy as I can without overdoing it. Doing lighter weights for lots of reps is what usually tires me out the most, whereas lifting heavy at lower reps usually inspires me to keep lifting heavier and push through the blahness. If not, I know that I had a good workout regardless.

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