Weekend of Babies

My weekend was filled to the brim with babies!

Baby Shower

Saturday was Andy’s cousin Melissa’s baby shower.  She’s due in September and is having a boy.

Melissa and her mom

The shower’s theme was “A Star is Born”, which I though was so cute.

The room was filled with lots of decor that matched the star theme, including these delicious homemade cookies and cake pops:

During the shower we played a few games including baby bingo and guessing the baby pictures of celebrities.

My love for trashy reality TV and celebrity gossip came in handy (for once) and I got most of them right!

For each correct answer you got you earned a raffle ticket for a prize auction.  I put my tickets into numerous prize options that were available:

I was feeling lucky on Saturday and my name was drawn three times! I only accepted one prize though, which was a basket of books.  I can’t wait to get started on some new novels!


A party would not be a party without food.  And  Andy’s family never disappoints in the food department! We had an assortment of goodies including Lobster Bisque (my favorite), sandwiches, potato salad, pasta salads, pin wheels, fruit, and desserts.

It was a great baby shower and I’m happy I got to be a part of it.

Baby Sitter’s Club

On Sunday Andy’s sister-in-Law, Lindsay, and his parents were volunteering at an event and his brother had to work.  That meant that Andy and I were the last resort to baby sit.  With no experience in the baby department, Andy and I went into the situation having no clue what to expect.  We certainly would not have been members of the Baby Sitter’s Club!

When we arrived, little Claire was taking a nap.  The day was off to an uneventful start (which I certainly appreciated!)

Andy and I settled in at his brother’s house and began watching some TV.  But before we knew it, Claire was up and ready to play!

Claire loved this toy and bounced her little heart out:

She also enjoyed playing with her fury sibling, Buddy:

After playing for a bit and eating, she was ready for another nap:

She ended up napping three times while Andy and I were there.  Baby’s are so sleepy (although I could have used a nap too!)

It was a fun day and I’m glad Andy and I got to experience our first baby sitting job together!  What a team we made 🙂

Vacation Plans

Wednesday I’m leaving again for another vacation, although this one will be a bit shorter.  Andy and I are going to San Diego, California for my good friend Sam’s wedding.  I can not wait!  Sam and I were roommates in college and sorority sisters.  A lot of our college friends will be attending as well and it’s going to be a great little reunion!  Now I just need to focus on my work today and tomorrow (which is not easy! I’m so excited) and soon enough it will be party time!


Have you been to San Diego? If so, what is a “must see” there?


9 responses to “Weekend of Babies

  1. Sorry, I have never been. 😦 (sheltered )

    The shower looked AMAZING! I will be stealing some of the food ideas for my next gathering.

  2. It makes me laugh, because I feel like with the majority of the showers I’ve gone to, pinwheels are a given. Such an easy and good addition to any spread…

  3. All the food looks sooooooo good!!
    I love that my friends are starting to have babies haha. I like babies for oh…maybe 8 hours? It’s nice to be able to give them back when I’ve had my fill 😉 haha

  4. oh my GOSH have fun in san diego!! ive never been but i hear its amazing! LOVE the baby pics- i have major baby fever these days, must be hormones!

  5. Aww cute! I love babies, but definitely not ready to have my own yet.

    I’ve never been to mainland America so I can’t help with SD unfortunately 😦

  6. Oh my gosh Claire is ADORABLE!!! I’ve been to San Diego! You MUST go to Old Town (for really good Mexican food), Coronado to walk around, La Jolla to stare at the amazing houses!! Have so much fun!!

  7. Cute!! I love babies!!! 🙂 Now if only I could actually make my own. Sigh.

  8. I love the “star is born” theme of the shower… I’d never heard of anyone doing a themed baby shower before, but maybe I’ve been living under a rock, haha. I’ve actually never been to a baby shower! Or San Diego… so I can’t be of much help there, sorry!!

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