I Love Interval Workouts

Since coming back from San Diego I’ve had to jump right back into my workout schedule since I teach Group Exercise regularly at work.  I find that getting right back on track with my workouts after a vacation is the best way to get back on a normal schedule.

I go through a slight post vacation depression (typically Monday morning!) but as soon as I get back on a schedule I feel much better. And as much as I miss vacation, and partying with my friends, I certainly don’t miss the hangovers!

Interval Workouts

Tuesday during my 30-minute lunch break I tackled an interval workout on the treadmill that I came up with.  Here’s what I did:

This workout was pretty challenging and just what I needed to get my workout mojo back post vacation!  It was not as hard as this interval workout (which makes me want to say some really bad things while running on a 15% incline!) but it was still a great, sweaty cardio workout (especially the minute at 6mph and 10%!)

I love interval workouts and typically do them when I am pressed for time.  Since I only have 30 minutes for lunch I like to make the most of it by working hard.  I simply don’t have time to slack.  I put my head phones on and I go!

Taco Tuesday

I’m not sure if there is a correlation between interval workouts and increased cravings for Mexican food, but I seriously have been craving it like crazy! Luckily Andy and I share the same passion for cheese, salsa, and sour cream so our Taco Tuesday tradition has not gotten old!

I made my usual taco pile with the following ingredients:

  • Spanish rice
  • Vegetarian re-fried beans
  • Organic sour cream (organic tastes so much better! It’s worth the extra dollar or two!)
  • Mexican blend cheese
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Salsa

I went back for a second pile:

I love Mexican food so much that I’ve had it 4 days in a row!! And I could probably keep it going, but I think tonight I’ll mix it up and make something else….we’ll see 😉

Work Picnic

On Wednesday my work had a picnic and awards ceremony for our directorate group.  We enjoyed a nice spread of cook out foods, like hamburgers, BBQ chicken, veggie burgers and an array of side dishes and dessert.  I love having a party on the clock! 🙂

I filled my plate with a sampling of all sorts of goodies including a veggie burger, potato salad, pineapple casserole (which is awesome!), hummus, and salad.  For dessert I had two small brownies.  It was all delish!

We spent the afternoon eating, mingling, and playing games.  All in a days work 😉

Have a great day everyone!


What meal could you have multiple days in a row and not get sick of? Along with Mexican food I could also eat seafood bisque and crab cakes day after day…oh how I miss the beach!


11 responses to “I Love Interval Workouts

  1. Your workplace seems like such a great environment!! And your plate looks AWESOME 😀

  2. Every time you eat Mexican food it gives me such a craving – and I JUST had it the other night! I think I could eat pizza and salad pretty much every night and call it a day. Haha

  3. That interval workout looks great! I think I could eat some kind of fish every single night 🙂

  4. Kelsey @utmosthealth

    I love interval training AND mexican food!! Here in South Africa they dont even have salsa at most stores and if they do its SO expensive for a little bit. 😦

  5. I could have pizza for days on end as long as I could switch up the toppings… same goes for salads too, as long as they were filling!

  6. I could have pizza every day. haha. Really though, I bring the same lunch 4 or 5 days a week to save time, money, and energy. I can eat something 4 days in a row with no problem, but 5 is pushing it. Luckily I make lunches I really like (most of the time)!

    Oh, and I may steal taco tuesday. The hubby and I used to have Italian every Friday when we watched the Sopranos. Now that we finished all the seasons, I kind of want a new ritual.

  7. I could eat every day my pita crackers dipped in yogurt or my pita flat bread with cottage cheese and jelly. I love making homemade pizza on Flat Out Wraps too!! I am a stickler for eating the same foods day in and day out.

  8. Awesome I am bookmarking that workout now!! 🙂

  9. I love intervals too and have really only been doing them with treadmill runs. I’m the same way post-vacation. Definitely get the blues, but try to jump right back into routine. I could eat pizza multiple times during the week no question about it.

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