Blizzards for a Cause

Apparently I can’t get enough of interval workouts because yesterday on my lunch break I tackled yet another one.   This one was brutal and I wanted to yell obscenities much like I wanted to while completing this interval workout last week.

I used this deadly interval combination to come up with another rendition. I call this one: Intervals of Death Part II.

To be honest, I originally planned to do another incline running interval at minute 25  (5.5mph at 10%) and complete a full two minute interval for minute 19, but I completely ran out of steam! So the above  workout is what I actually did, not planned.  Regardless, it was a tough cardio workout!

Waffles n’ Eggs

Since coming back from San Diego our refrigerator and pantry is pretty empty. Luckily I can always count on enjoying breakfast for dinner on nights like these!

For dinner last night I made Waffles n’ Eggs.  It’s such a delicious combination.  I love the savory (eggs) with the sweet (waffles and syrup) mixed together in one meal.

I topped two waffles with real maple syrup:

On the side I made an omelet with one whole egg + two egg whites and a splash of soy milk. I filled the omelet with chopped onion and tomato and topped with a shredded Mexican blend cheese.

I love breakfast for dinner!

Whenever I am cooking eggs (or anything really) I can always count on these two for company:

I hope this woman drops something

Don't you ever share?

Lucky for them I do in fact share and gave them each an egg yolk.  Andy often asks if he can have the extra yolks but I always give them to Boo and Sophia. Sorry! 😉

Blizzards for a Cause

While I was driving home from work yesterday I heard a radio commercial mention that the local Cleveland Dairy Queens were giving the proceeds from blizzards sold on Thursday to the Children’s Miracle Network.  I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make a charitable contribution (and not to mention give me a reason to eat my second blizzard of the week.  Moderation is not my thing apparently)

Andy was feeling extra charitable and bought us both medium blizzards.  And they were beyond delicious as usual.

In my mix: Reese cups and Oreo.  Try it, it’s a winning combination! Andy gets a Turtle Pecan Cluster which is a close second to mine 😉

Now I just need the local pizza restaurants to start giving some of their proceeds to charity.  It’s Pizza Friday after all!

Weekend Plans

Tomorrow I am planning to attend an early Yoga class that’s being offered for free. I love taking Yoga classes and I don’t get to take them that often so I’m excited to go.

We also have another wedding Saturday night for one of Andy’s family friends.  Another excuse to drink way too much and act a fool on the dance floor.  Can’t wait 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!


What’s your favorite Blizzard, ice cream or frozen yogurt combination?


14 responses to “Blizzards for a Cause

  1. Mmmm – you just REALLY gave me an ice cream craving! I tend to go the Reeses route myself – you can’t beat chocolate, peanut butter and ice cream!

  2. Reeses’ Cups and Oreo? Me thinks you are a genius!! I don’t think I’ve ever had anything other than Smarties in a blizzard… I’m so boring, haha. Way to support the kiddies!!

  3. I’ve only had a DQ Blizzard once as I’ve only been to the US once. So good but kind of glad that they’re not easily accessible in Australia!

    I looooove breakfast for dinner. I could eat breakfast for every meal for every day of the rest of my life 🙂

  4. Kelsey @utmosthealth

    YUMMM! That blizzard sounds awesome!! I love to get fro-yo cake batter flavor and but cookie dough and brownies 🙂 But I think just about anything at Fro-yo tastes good together! LOL

  5. Cheers to Pizza Friday! I haven’t had a Blizzard in eons. I used to love the Heath Blizzards though.

  6. Your breakfast for dinner looks awesome! Next time you should try and make the zig zag butter slices like they have on the waffle package. 🙂
    Last year I tried a pumpkin pie blizzard that was TO DIE FOR. But I kind of freak out for just about anything ice cream related 🙂

  7. DQ is my FAVORITE. They used to have a brownie one that was my favorite!! Your interval workout looks KILLER and I LOVE having bfast for dinner!

  8. MMMM i havent had a blizzard in FOREVERRRR they are so delicious though!! anything with pb and chocolate 🙂 I also love heath bar OH and also butter pecan (not all together haha) but oh wow so many delicous combinations!

    that interval workout looks awesome!!

  9. I made that exact same omelette this morning for breakfast! First time making omelettes and it actually came out surprisingly well!
    Any ice cream with PB is my fave!

  10. I just copied that cardio workout down…gonna give that one a go on my lunch break tomorrow! Thanks!!

    My all time favorite ice cream combination is cookies and cream. Old school!

  11. Hey Lindsey,
    long time no see (Vee from VeeChats is back! :-)). I’ve missed your posts and the blogging community.
    Glad to see you are doing well and that you are full of inspiring workout ideas! I love interval training. 🙂
    My favourite ice cream has to be Haagen Dazs Praline and Cream. So yummy! 🙂

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