Rolling Hill Treadmill Workout

Continuing on the interval workout trend, I tackled another 30-minute torture session on the treadmill during my lunch break.  This one was like a Rolling Hill, as I was going up and down using the incline.

On this particular day I didn’t feel like committing to sprint intervals or hills.  So I compromised and combined them both!  It worked out well because my workout was constantly changing and I was constantly dropping F*bombs under my breath (and my apologies to the guy behind me)

Tailoring the Workout for You

The first 5 minutes are a warm up so if you’d like to try this workout feel free to go at whatever warm up pace works for you.  6.5 seems to be a good pace to get me up and going so I like to start out with that.

The rest of the workout alternates with a sprint (8.0 is a sprint for me, so again, change this up to what suits you), a hill run (with the incline increasing every couple of minutes by increments of 2 and the speed decreasing by increments of 2) and finally a recovery jog (you can certainly walk for recovery if needed).  Following the workout as it’s laid out covers 3 miles.

This workout was tough! But all I have is 30 minutes so I try and make the most of it by haulin’ ass on the treadmill.  Try this one if you want a quick, yet efficient cardio workout.

Being Social

After work yesterday I headed to happy hour at PJ McIntyre’s Irish Pub with some of my co-workers.

I don’t know what has happened over the years, but sometimes I have to force myself to be social.  I guess after the work day I just want to head home and veg on the couch.  However, I find that when I do make myself go out and interact with my co-workers outside of the workplace it makes the work environment better.  You get to see people out of the work element and just relax and talk about things other than work related topics.  I’m glad I went because I had a nice time chatting and eating with everyone!

To start I ordered a Corona Light that was on special for $2.00 a bottle.  The weather was beautiful so I thought a Corona was a nice fit for a sunny, warm evening (having an ocean view would be better but hey, I’ll take what I can get in Cleveland, OH!)

There were plenty of options on the menu and I wasn’t sure what I wanted. It came down to the Black Bean Burger or the Buffalo Chicken Wrap.

Eventually I made up my mind and went with the Buffalo Chicken Wrap with a side of french fries.  It was a good choice too! I ate half and brought the rest home for  Andy.

I had also ordered a side garden salad, but it was pretty lame.  Ice burg lettuce with two cherry tomatoes a couple of cucumber slices and cheese.  Eh.  I did enjoy their ranch dressing though, so that was a plus!

After a nice evening out,  I headed home and spotted a couple of Peeping Tom’s in the window…

We're on Neighborhood Watch

What little creepsters!! But I love em’!


I seriously think my life would be incomplete without ice cream.  Luckily Andy loves it too.  Last night I had a small Dairy Queen Blizzard waiting for me when I got home from dinner.  Andy and his parents had gone out earlier so Andy got me one too.  What a gem! I gobbled that sucker right up and enjoyed every delicious bite of Oreo and Reese’s Cups.

Healthy Living Blogger?

I realize I eat a lot of Blizzards and drink way too much at weddings.  And even though I do consider my blog to be “Healthy Living”, my love for soft serve and booze won’t change.  So I apologize to anyone who reads this blog who thought just because I work in fitness I would have a perfect diet with great diet tips.  I really don’t except to eat in a way that allows you to be healthy yet not go insane with “eating clean”.

I do try my best to eat  a lot of the good stuff, but I just can’t go on without soft serve or martinis.  I strive to live the best way I can, but I’m not perfect and I don’t expect perfection from myself especially when it comes to my body and I hope that anyone who reads this blog takes away that message.  It’s OK to not strive for perfection!  You certainly won’t see any of that here!  Phew, glad that is cleared up. Now back to Blizzard eating…

Well I’m off to make Taco Wednesday (Just doesn’t have that same ring to it like Taco Tuesday does it?)

Have a great night!!

Question of the Day:

Do you enjoy being social often or do you find you’re more of a homebody?

16 responses to “Rolling Hill Treadmill Workout

  1. Oohhh now that is a goodie of a workout. I definitely find myself having to remember to get out and be social. It’s not that I don’t enjoy myself when I’m out, it’s more of a break in routine perhaps.

  2. I used to be way more social, but since I started working full time 18 months ago I just find that I just can’t be bothered organising anything social during the week with the gym, chores, etc. So I save it for the weekend!

    I love that you’re not afraid to be honest. As a healthy living blogger myself, I always feel guilty if I mention a “bad” treat! Ice cream is my vice… I’ve only had a Blizzard once, and it was amazing!

  3. In college, I was world’s biggest social bee. Now, I still like to be social, but I like it on my terms. There are some nights that I’m just not up to going out! On one hand, I know I’d be happier if I had a more jampacked social life (so I do make myself go to some outings when Id rather not) but there are some nights that no amount of conniving could get me off of my couch!

  4. I think part of “healthy living” is having a contrast and occasionally letting loose or treating yourself. I try to be healthy 90 percent of the time, and that’s MORE than enough, I think!

  5. Kelsey @utmosthealth

    Andy is so great to you!! LOL Keep up the hard work with those workouts!! I know that was killer! 🙂

  6. Healthy enough for me 🙂 No one’s perfect, and if they were, they’d go nuts. I like going out and being social, but sometimes it’s hard for me to get going. Like, I think I want to be home, but once I get out and about, I’m always happy I got out of the house.

  7. I am definitely a homebody….social situations make me anxious!

  8. hehehe puppy in the window is toooooo adorable for words 🙂

    And I have to force myself to be social sometimes too! I’m naturally kind of a homebody and I like my little routines…but I never regret passing them up for some good old-fashioned hang out time!

  9. I really wish I could run like you!! BUT the simple truth is I suck at running. 6.5 is basically the fastest I can go right now without passing out. Ive tried 8.0 before and it really feels like I am going to fly off the treadmill, so for safety reasons I have axed that one! lol

  10. Cannot wait to try that workout- might do it today actually 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!!
    Looks like a fun night- I am the SAME way as you. I just want to crash on the couch after work- it takes some effort to get me out & doing something, but I almost always enjoy it.

  11. You are too funny, sometimes I feel the same way. I can be a COMPLETE health nut during the week, workout eat well, but yes I probably do indulge in a little too much wine here and there at social events or weddings. Come on though, we are human and not perfect 🙂 As I get older I find it way harder to be social. Espically when I am now engaged and have my set friends. I just dont always see the need to go out with everyone, when I woudl rather go home and just be lazy. I am more social in the summer when I am not working.

  12. Oreo and Reece’s cup = best blizzard combo EVER. If only it were a BG blizzard!

  13. i cannot agree more with your last comment, healthy living is all about balance and moderation…as I’m sitting here sipping a rather large glass of wine waiting for my pizza to heat up. Bring on the weekend! I truly admire how balanced you are with your lifestyle 🙂

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  15. there are defiantly days/nights I have to TELL myself to go out with friends. But I usually say “you never know who you will meet/what will happen if you dont get off the couch!”. that usually does it for me haha (or I say screw it and get in my pjs with some ice cream haha)

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