Star of the Morning

I had big plans to accomplish a lot on my “to do” list yesterday, but didn’t really get much done! I spent a little too much time reading blogs, writing a blog post, and ultimately watching too much TV.  Oh well, it was a Sunday.  Sometimes ya just gotta relax!

Sunday Recap

One thing on both Andy and I’s “to do” list was attending a friend’s BBQ.  We spent a few hours chatting and catching up with friends, eating and drinking while enjoying the nice weather. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

We got home around 7PM and just in time for a new episode of Jersey Shore! I have been forcing Andy to watch it with me, and bless his heart he does. He doesn’t understand why I am interested in half the shows I watch.  I don’t know why I am either, but ultimately I feel relaxed watching mindless reality TV.  I guess it’s only fair that I watch a Cleveland Brown’s Football game with Andy this season!

After Jersey Shore we watched the MTV VMA show.  I really enjoyed what I saw (I fell asleep at 10:30) and appreciated Lady Gaga cross-dressing for the evening.  I swear, she keeps everyone guessing! I was not expecting that.  The girl has some serious pipes and a world of talent, so I enjoyed it! But I enjoy anything she does really, I’m a huge fan.


I awoke today feeling completely refreshed. I slept like a rock! Nothing beats a good night’s sleep.  I can eat as clean as I want and exercise an hour a day, but if I don’t get enough sleep, I feel like crap.

To start the morning off, I took these two hyenas for their morning rabbit hunt walk:

I refuse to look at you after calling me a hyena

It was a nice morning, the weather has been just beautiful lately.  The temperatures have been in the mid 70s and just so pleasant! I’ll take it while I can before it turns into a Winter Wonderland around here!

The pups and I walked for about 25 minutes around the neighborhood, then they played in the fenced-in back yard for a while.

Having a fenced in yard has been amazing.  When I lived in Georgia I didn’t have one and I had to constantly leash them up.  Now they are free to roam and play!

Whenever Andy and I decide to buy a home or have to move again, a fenced yard will be a must-have!

Unless you have steak in your hands, we ain't coming!


After playing with the pups for a bit I headed in to make breakfast.  Cereal and coffee were on today’s menu!

Fresh strawberries that I got at Whole Foods Saturday were the Star of the Morning.  They were so sweet and delicious.

Strawberries are definitely my favorite fruit.  I never get sick of them. I seem to get sick of other fruits, such as bananas and apples, after so many days of eating them.  But I could probably eat strawberries multiple times per day.  In fact, I am having them again tonight as part of my evening snack!


Today’s workouts were the two classes I taught today: Step, Jump and Pump and Cardio Pilates (read more about the classes I teach here!).  Since I teach two classes on Monday’s and Wednesdays, I don’t do anything extra besides walk. I get plenty exercise from the classes.

In today’s Cardio Pilates class I decided to take the class outside for The Hill Workout.  It was perfect weather for it and we all worked up a sweat climbing up that sucker!

After about 30 minutes of being outside walking/jogging, we took it back inside for the Pilates portion. I included one of my favorite exercises in today’s sequence: The Rotating Side Plank

Start in a push up position:

Do a push up:

Rotate into a side plank, stacking your hand directly under the shoulder and stacking your hips on top of one another.  Hold for a couple seconds.

Do another push up then rotate to the other side:

Repeat for as many as you desire.  Today we did 10 total push ups (5 side planks on each side).  These are tough, but fun! 🙂

Have a great night everyone!


Did you watch the MTV VMA show? Who was your favorite performer? I didn’t see all of them, but I enjoyed Lady Gaga’s (I love the song “You and I”!) and Chris Brown did really well too.  He’s got some serious dance moves! And Adele is seriously amazing!

What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries for me!


11 responses to “Star of the Morning

  1. I think my favourite fruit has got to be the mango! Though it is a bit difficult to choose. Sometimes I prefer the guava …. or the watermelon …. or the peach …

  2. I didn’t watch the VMA’s. But will probably catch bits of it on MTV when they rerun the show!

    My all time favorite fruit is a tie between blueberries and apples! I love them both SO much!

  3. My favorite fruit…either a pink lady apple or a pear.

  4. Definitely mangos! I just did 50 push ups this morning – am loving how strong I feel at the moment 🙂

  5. I think Sundays should be lazy days 😉 I agree, strawberries rule.

  6. I still need to watch the VMAs! I tivoed it – hopefully I can get to it soon! I heard gaga’s performance was fab.

  7. Somehow I missed the Jersey Shore boat and just got hooked on it this weekend…lets keep it between you and me that I watched an entire season on my lazy Saturday!

  8. Blueberries. Definitely in love with blueberries. By the pint…totally normal right? 🙂

    I did watch the VMA’s – and just posted a “fashion post”. I agree – Chris Brown can definitely do a performance, but I was more interested in the singing which he may have lip-synced?

    I loved Beyonce’s performance actually!! It was more ‘old-school’ and those flashy tuxes were cute. And when she showed her belly, it was so endearing. Gaga definitely started the show right. I didn’t like the ending performance with Lil’ Wayne though…

  9. i really wanted to watch the VMAS! I heard lady gaga was superrrr creepy! and that work out looks tough- girl you are lookin so good!

  10. I watched some of them too… I loved Bruno Mars’ tribute to Amy Winehouse!

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