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What Would Your Real Life Friends Say?

Good Morning!  It’s only 6:30AM and for some reason I am full of energy.  Just another reason why I love my mornings! And the fact that the deer seem to always greet me as I drive in to work 🙂

It was a little family too – Mom, Dad, and two babies.  I about cry every time I see them (because I’m strange…and I love animals so much!)

Don't worry guys, it's just that crazy lady with the camera again.

So cute!

Farmer’s Market

It’s my early day at work and we’ll be spending the day setting up and working the Farmers Market we’re hosting. I really love this aspect of my job.  Putting together programs and events focused on health and wellness is so fun and I feel like the employees here are so appreciative and enjoy participating.  Let’s just hope the weather holds out for us today! It’s supposed to be hot with just a chance of isolated storms.  I think it will be a great day though!

What Would Your Real Life Friends Say?

When I write a post for my blog, I truly am being 100% genuine and authentic with what I say.  This is me.

But there are parts of me that are not portrayed on here simply because I think it’s hard to show everything about who you are through a blog.  For one, I don’t tell you guys everything about me or tell you every little thing that I do each day (trust me, you’d be bored to see how much TV I really watch at night and how early I go to bed..even on a Saturday night.  I’m really cool).  I also don’t talk in detail about my relationships with friends and family.  I just skim the surface of my life.

I thought it would be fun to come up with things that I think my “real life” friends and family would say about me and how I act in “real life”.  Ready to for this?

#1:  I am really strange.  And my friends would probably agree with that and have no problem saying it to my face. I’m strange in a goofy way and I love to make others laugh doing really weird things.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C (this is what happens when a 3 year old puts your make up on by the way)

Exhibit D

I could really go on all day about how much of a goon I am, but I will spare you that and move on 😉

#2: I don’t talk about my emotions out loud.  When I write a post (like Tuesday’s on Food Obsession), I write from the heart.  Often those posts come out of no where. I just get a thought and I run with it.  These posts are meant to help others by sharing what I’ve been through and how I have changed my life for the better. I hope to inspire others to do the same if they are struggling with body image.

But in my “real life” I don’t talk about this.  Perhaps I should talk about it more, but in reality, I don’t.  It’s more something that I like to express through writing.

Plus, I like to spend my time laughing when I am with friends and sometimes a serious conversation like that just doesn’t come up!

I mean who could take me seriously looking like this?

That’s me and Fernando by the way.

#3: I’m a cry baby. Although I don’t always talk thoroughly about my emotions, I certainly can cry like no other! I’ve always been a cry baby.  Growing up I was the youngest out of most of my cousins and I was constantly picked on.  I would cry all. the. time. I even had a shirt that said “Don’t bother me, I am crabby”.  Because I was!

Now-a-days, I still can cry easily and I am easily upset, especially anything having to do with the mistreatment of animals.  When those depressing commercials come on with Sarah Mclachlan singing, I have to turn it off or the water works will instantly flow.

#4: I’m not the most patient person…and I think Andy would definitely agree! Unfortunately he gets the brunt of it too, especially if we’re driving somewhere and I get lost.  Let’s just say it’s not pretty and neither are the words coming out of my mouth!

#5: I hardly ever wear make up or dress up.  And again, Andy would attest to this. When I post pictures from weddings or other fun outings, I actually do put effort into what I wear.  But aside from these times, I generally wear absolutely no make up and you can find me in my shorts and a t-shirt or hoodie.

I actually would like to work on putting more effort into what I wear and actually brushing my hair rather than putting it up in a bun, because I really do feel better.  But ultimately, I’m lazy and I’d rather slip into something comfy!


Tell me something that YOUR friends or family would say about YOU that isn’t always portrayed on your blog?