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Update and a Blog Friend Meet Up!

Hi Everyone!

I’m back in bloggin’ action! I took a little hiatus from my previous blog and decided to start fresh with a new one! Welcome to Cardio Pizza!  I hope you enjoy reading!  Please see this page if you would like to know a bit more about my background with fitness and wellness!

Let’s just jump right into things, shall we?  Here’s a quick update of what’s going on in my life right now: I still live in Georgia, where I have been for almost a year.  I work for a University as a Fitness Director and LOVE my job.  However, as some of you know, I am originally from Ohio and that is where my family and Andy (my bf) is.  So I have officially given my notice to my job that I will be leaving in June.   Andy and I are currently looking for a house to rent, preferably one with a fence so our two dogs can run like the little monsters they are!  I don’t have a job lined up yet, but I am in the process of searching and applying!

These couple of months have been busy in terms of traveling as well.  I just got back from Las Vegas for one of my best friend’s bachelorette party…It was an absolute blast filled with a ton of laughing, boozing, eating, Chippendale watchin’, and dancing!  Oh and very little sleep.  In fact, our last night there a few of us didn’t even make it to bed, we stayed out all night.  Vegas has that effect on you..especially since the casinos have very little windows…it’s easy to suddenly look at your watch and find that it’s 8am and you have a drink in your hand….only in Vegas 😉

Here are a couple pics from my trip:

All of the girls on the trip…I’m on the far right

 Myself with the bachelorette, Lindsay,  in the middle and another friend Erika

 A delicious dessert for the Bachelorette at one of Wolf Gang Puck’s restaurants…

It was SOO good!

On to more things fitness and food related!

My day started out with a nice 2 mile walk with my dogs, Sophia and Boo.  We typically walk the same route each morning, which takes us between 30-40 minutes (depending on bathroom breaks, talking with people, sophia trying to attack a squirrel, the usual!)  After our walk I showered up and had some Kashi Heart to Heart, strawberries and almond milk for breakfast.  I sipped on some hot coffee while I caught some of the Today show.   After breakfast I got ready to meet a friend for lunch!

I met up with a fellow blogger,  Tina,  for some lunch! This is our 3rd meet up in the past year and it’s been really fun getting to know her!  We live a few hours apart so we decided we would meet in the middle, which happened to be a very small town in south Georgia.   The restaurant was called the “Red Tomato” and was actually very cute!  The food was not bad either!  I decided on the Thai Tuna Burger, which was good, but not amazing.  I think I would definitely go with something different the next go around.  It was topped with avocado though (one of my favorites), so it definitely was the star of the burger!

Me and Tina at the “Red Tomato”

It was great to see Tina again and we’re planning our next meet up in Atlanta, when I have to fly out to Ohio for a wedding in May!  If you have not checked out Tina’s blog you should…it’s one of my favorites 🙂

After the meet up with Tina I stopped at a Kohls store to see if they had any cute spring clothing.  I did try on a few things but didn’t buy anything, nothing really stood out to me.  Tomorrow I plan on hitting up Old Navy and TJ Maxx, so hopefully I’ll have better luck!  I have a Florida trip planned for next weekend so I could really use some cute new outfits!

The rest of my day includes some play time with the pups, some relaxing on the couch, and some pizza eatin’!  I hope you all are having a great weekend so far!

Have you ever met up with a blog friend before?