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Blizzards for a Cause

Apparently I can’t get enough of interval workouts because yesterday on my lunch break I tackled yet another one.   This one was brutal and I wanted to yell obscenities much like I wanted to while completing this interval workout last week.

I used this deadly interval combination to come up with another rendition. I call this one: Intervals of Death Part II.

To be honest, I originally planned to do another incline running interval at minute 25  (5.5mph at 10%) and complete a full two minute interval for minute 19, but I completely ran out of steam! So the above  workout is what I actually did, not planned.  Regardless, it was a tough cardio workout!

Waffles n’ Eggs

Since coming back from San Diego our refrigerator and pantry is pretty empty. Luckily I can always count on enjoying breakfast for dinner on nights like these!

For dinner last night I made Waffles n’ Eggs.  It’s such a delicious combination.  I love the savory (eggs) with the sweet (waffles and syrup) mixed together in one meal.

I topped two waffles with real maple syrup:

On the side I made an omelet with one whole egg + two egg whites and a splash of soy milk. I filled the omelet with chopped onion and tomato and topped with a shredded Mexican blend cheese.

I love breakfast for dinner!

Whenever I am cooking eggs (or anything really) I can always count on these two for company:

I hope this woman drops something

Don't you ever share?

Lucky for them I do in fact share and gave them each an egg yolk.  Andy often asks if he can have the extra yolks but I always give them to Boo and Sophia. Sorry! 😉

Blizzards for a Cause

While I was driving home from work yesterday I heard a radio commercial mention that the local Cleveland Dairy Queens were giving the proceeds from blizzards sold on Thursday to the Children’s Miracle Network.  I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make a charitable contribution (and not to mention give me a reason to eat my second blizzard of the week.  Moderation is not my thing apparently)

Andy was feeling extra charitable and bought us both medium blizzards.  And they were beyond delicious as usual.

In my mix: Reese cups and Oreo.  Try it, it’s a winning combination! Andy gets a Turtle Pecan Cluster which is a close second to mine 😉

Now I just need the local pizza restaurants to start giving some of their proceeds to charity.  It’s Pizza Friday after all!

Weekend Plans

Tomorrow I am planning to attend an early Yoga class that’s being offered for free. I love taking Yoga classes and I don’t get to take them that often so I’m excited to go.

We also have another wedding Saturday night for one of Andy’s family friends.  Another excuse to drink way too much and act a fool on the dance floor.  Can’t wait 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!


What’s your favorite Blizzard, ice cream or frozen yogurt combination?

Cookout and a Crazy Dog Park

After having an already fun and crazy holiday weekend, it was then topped off with a cookout at Andy’s parent’s house.

Andy and I

There was so much food! We munched on grilled chicken (with different sauces to dip in), hot dogs, potato salad, pasta salad, chips and salsa, deviled eggs, and watermelon.  To drink we had an assortment of beer and wine as well as iced tea, water and soda.

My favorite was the potato salad as well as the homemade salsas that Andy’s sister-in-law, Lindsay, made.

I think I ate my weight in the chips n’ salsa!

Homemade salsas

I filled my plate with a bit of everything:

We brought our dogs, Boo and Sophia, over for the day.  Andy’s parents have three dogs and Andy’s brother Joe and his wife, Lindsay, have one.  It was a like a crazy dog park!

The dogs literally played non-stop for 5 hours.  Boo is really fast (and knows it…he’s not very modest!) so he enjoyed running at full speed being chased by the others:

Just try and catch me Sammy and Buddy!

Baby Claire (Andy’s niece and God daughter) was also enjoying the 4th of July cookout and dressed the part:

Boo made sure to tell Claire that he loved her outfit:

Isn’t Claire so cute?! I just love her!

Claire with mom and dad:

The adorable family!

Besides eating (which we did a lot of!), we played games of Bocce Ball as we enjoyed the perfect, sunny weather.   Then we went back to eating when Andy’s mom brought out this beautiful and festive dessert:

This deliciousness was filled with berries, whipped cream and angel food cake.  It was awesome!

Boo and Sophia said their favorite was the watermelon:

We love watermelon!

When Sophia wasn’t munching on watermelon or eating the millions of treats that were given to her, she was doing what she does best: Looking cute and begging for more food!

Please, I have not had anything to eat in days....

If Sophia wasn’t bad enough, she invited her partner in crime, Bernie, to help beg:

Begging partner!

What little goobers! (But I love them of course 🙂 )

I have to say that this weekend was filled with so much fun, friends, family, and food.  What more could you ask for?

I had a great time celebrating and being with loved ones, even when this guy won’t smile for any of the pictures I take:

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3: Eyes are closed, but I'll take it!

Now it’s time for me to get my booty to work.  I only have a three-day week since I am taking Friday off for a wedding in Cincinnati. More celebrations to come! Have a great day everyone! 

Question of the Day:

I’m in need of book suggestions for my upcoming vacation to North Carolina.  Do you have any book recommendations?