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My parents arrived last night to spend the long weekend with Andy and I.  I had not seen them since July while on vacation so I was more than excited to spend some time with them.

Boo and Sophia were also quite excited, as they know Grandma and Grandpa come with gifts 🙂

To kick the weekend off, we headed to a restaurant that none of us had ever been to: Mallorca.  I wanted to try something different and something new for all of us, so I searched Google for a recommended restaurant in Cleveland.

Mallorca is a restaurant that serves Portugal and Spanish dishes.  Since my parents and Andy and I enjoy seafood and meat dishes, it sounded like a restaurant we’d all enjoy.  Plus, the prices on the online menu were not outrageous, and seemed fair for they type of food you get along with the upscale vibe of the restaurant.

I had made reservations online and we arrived about 5 minutes early.  Our table was not ready yet, so we headed to the bar (obviously) and ordered a round of drinks while we waited.

I ordered the homemade Sangria, which was fantastic and not overly sweet.  Andy and my dad ordered a Spanish beer while my mom kept it simple with a glass of red wine.

Before we knew it, our tables were ready.  I was glad too, because I was starving! Good thing they immediately gave us fresh bread with olive oil.  We all dug in!

Appetizers and More

For appetizers we shared a plate of calamari and mussels in green sauce.  I detest mussels, so I didn’t eat them, but everyone else said they were really good.  The calamari was pretty standard. It was just OK to me and the dipping sauce was not very flavorful.

I also ordered the garlic soup to have as an appetizer and I really enjoyed it.  It was a very light soup made with chicken broth and had just the right garlic flavor.  If you love garlic, I’d recommend this soup.

Salads came out next (which I had no idea were served – it was not stated on the menu).  They were light and fresh and I enjoyed it.  However, if I would have known you get a salad with your entree I would have not ate so many appetizers! I was really full by the time my dinner came.

Entrees and Sides

For my entree I ordered the Tilapia Rellena, which was a tilapia fillet stuffed with crab, scallops and shrimp.  It was good, but I could only manage to eat a few bites since I was so full from the appetizers!

My dad and Andy ordered a veal dish that was served in a mozzarella cream sauce.  Andy said it was just OK and that he’d order something different next time.  My dad ate his right up though and said it was great.  Different strokes for different folks I guess! My mom got a shrimp dish that look amazing.  The shrimp were stuffed with moscapone cheese…yum!

All of the entrees came with family style side dishes including rice, steamed veggies, and “spanish potatoes” (which were basically glorified potato chips).  I was not impressed with the sides at all, and would much prefer to have a variety of options to choose from.  I’m not a big rice person and I can get potato chips anywhere.

Dessert and a Shot 

Although I was stuffed, I still ordered dessert to go.  I ordered the caramel cheesecake but unfortunately I didn’t look in the box until I got home and they gave me the wrong kind.  They gave me a raspberry cheesecake.  Although I still ate it, I much would have preferred the caramel one that I ordered.

At the end of the meal, we were each served a complimentary round of almond liquor shots.  I thought this was a fun and unique way to end the meal!

Our dining experience was nice and we did have a good time, but it certainly wasn’t exceptional for how upscale the restaurant is.  I think I expected more from the service (it was slow) and more from the food (I would say it was pretty average – nothing blew me away).

In the car yesterday Andy and I were discussing what we thought about Mallorca and agreed that while it was not a bad meal by any means, it’s jut not somewhere we’d go back to.  There are way too many restaurants in the area that we want to try and this one just wont be a repeat visit.

Greek Festival

For the rest of the weekend we spent time looking at houses online (and went to one Open House) since Andy and I would like to buy a home in the next year or so.

We also hit up a local Greek Festival to get our grub on yet again.

We had a nice time and enjoyed all of the Greek food available (I had two slices of baklava!) The rest of our night was spent watching a movie at home.  The weather was very stormy so we all just curled up on the couch and relaxed.

I had a great weekend with my parents and I already can’t wait to see them again.  Luckily I’ll be seeing them in mid October when I take a visit to Cincy. And though I will certainly miss them dearly, I think Boo and Sophia will miss them a little more, especially tackling my dad in the guest room:

I hope you all had a great weekend!


What’s something fun you did this weekend?

It’s Not a Wedding Without a Line Dance

This weekend sure flew by! It seemed as if I was always on the go.  I definitely enjoy weekends like these because I feel so accomplished.  But I also really love my lazy weekends and so far not much is on the agenda for next weekend. I hope my couch is ready for me because I have some serious reality TV to catch up on 😉


To start my busy weekend off I headed to a free Yoga class at Puma Yoga Studio in Lakewood, Ohio.

I had never been to this studio before and I was excited to give it a try.  My boss recommend I go since they were having free classes on Saturday.  I can’t pass up a free class!

I’m glad I didn’t pass up the free class because it was a good one.  The class was called Rise and Shine since it was at 7:30AM. I prefer doing Yoga early in the morning when I have not had anything to eat.  My stomach definitely appreciates it too 😉

The class was a nice blend of flowing poses, holding poses, and deep breathing and relaxation.  I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone in the Cleveland area. It had a great atmosphere and the staff working were very friendly and helpful. Plus their prices for classes when not free seem pretty reasonable.

After Yoga I hit up a local Starbucks to get myself a hot coffee and to surprise Andy with one of his favorite treats: a Mocha Frappucinno (also scoring some major girlfriend points if I do say so myself!)

A Yoga class and a Starbucks coffee was a great way to spend a Saturday morning!


Saturday night we had yet another wedding to attend.  This makes it three for the summer. But I’m certainly not complaining.  What’s not to love about busting some serious moves on the dance floor, eating great food, and boozing my face off? Nothing!!

Andy’s family friend was getting married to his long-time girlfriend.  Andy’s parents, brother Joe, and sister-in-law Lindsay were also attending so I was looking forward to spending time with everyone.

Andy and I

Lindsay and I

Andy and his parents

The wedding and reception were both held at the same place, a local Hilton Hotel.  In fact, all three of the weddings I attending this summer (See Kelly’s here and Sam’s here) were also this way.  I really liked not having to travel from place to place.  Super convenient, especially for out of town guests.

The wedding ceremony was short, sweet, and beautiful.  We had a cocktail hour shortly after where we munched on cheese, crackers, fruit, bruschetta, and mini egg rolls.

We also spent a lot of time at the bar…Naturally 😉

The families of the bride and groom sure like to party…there was a great assortment of beer, wine, and tons of liquor.

Our Table

The dinner was served buffet style and there was an array of options including chicken, salmon, some kind of red meat (which I don’t eat so I didn’t really take a good look!), mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, salad, and rolls.  It was all pretty good but I especially loved the salad since there was fresh parmesan cheese available to top it with. Yum!

The wedding cake was amaretto flavored which I’m not a huge fan of so I only had a bite.  However, it was certainly a beautifully decorated cake!

The rest of the night was spent out on the dance floor where I showed off my line dancing skills busting out the “Cupid Shuffle” and “The Booty Call”.  It wouldn’t be a wedding without those line dances! 🙂


Andy I woke up late on Sunday and made a hangover special breakfast:

  • Cheesy eggs
  • Home Fries
  • English Muffin with butter
  • Extra grease for the headache

After breakfast we had to get ready to attend my friend Megan’s baby’s first birthday party. Andy was not wanting to get up:

But too bad, I made him come along with me.  We ended up having a nice day out visiting with friends and celebrating little Lena’s 1st birthday.

Megan and her husband Dan provided a wonderful assortment of food and goodies to eat:

There were sandwiches, potato salad, chicken wings, chicken sausage, chips and dip, and my favorite: cake pops! I ate three of those little suckers.  They are delicious (and highly addicting!)

While the adults ate lunch miss Lena had a blast eating her birthday cupcake

And then shoving it into her uncle’s eye:

What an angel 🙂

But after all the gift opening and excitement, this little one was ready for nap time:

Lena and Mom

That was our cue to go so we said goodbye to everyone and headed out to run some Sunday errands.

Dress Up

After running errands Andy and I vegged on the couch and ate some leftover pizza (from Pizza Friday) for dinner.  Then we decided it was time to dress up Boo and Sophia in this crazy bow tie:

Boo the Circus Clown

Sophia’s turn was next:

I kinda hate you right now

If I dance this thing comes it?

Andy and I are easily amused (or getting really lame!)

This better not be on the blog

I hope you all had a great weekend!!

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite kind of cake? I’m a cheesecake kind of girl!