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Shopping and Eating

**Catching up from the weekend? Friday I did “Hot Yoga” and Saturday I tried a Peanut Butter Coffee flavored beer!**

Shopping and Eating

The rest of our Sunday was spent shopping and eating.¬† Basically two of my favorite things to do on any given day ūüėČ

Our first stop was to a restaurant Andy and I have been curious to try out: Cork and Lenny’s. From the outside, it looked like a quaint little place.¬† But when we stepped inside we were both surprised at how large the place was. For one, it’s a full size deli, with all different kinds of meats, cheeses, and salads.¬† Then they also have a full service restaurant, serving breakfast (all day- love that!), lunch and dinner.¬† Since Andy and I had already had our breakfast, we were ready for some lunch.

Andy decided to try out one of their ginormous Overstuffed Sandwhiches: The Sammy Kay.  Check this sucker out:

The Sammy Kay

He ate the entire thing.¬† I’m always impressed with a man who can eat like a champ (plus I don’t feel as weird when I can eat just as much, if not more!)

Though the sandwiches looked tempting, I was in the mood for some chicken salad.¬† I’m a huge fan of chicken salads, tuna salads, and egg salads.¬† If they’re on the menu at restaurants there’s a good chance I will get it.¬†¬† This particular salad allowed me to choose two scoops of salad.¬† I went with a scoop of chicken salad¬†and a scoop of egg salad.¬†

Chicken Salad + Egg Salad Plate

To be honest, I was not impressed with the chicken salad, which was a bummer since I was craving it.¬† It was pretty bland.¬† I like more flavor elements in my chicken salad, such as pecans or grapes.¬† This just didn’t do it for me.¬† The egg salad was much better though, so I ate more of that.¬† I ended up taking the majority of my lunch home.¬† I think I’ll add more to the chicken to spice it up for my lunch or dinner tomorrow.¬†

Despite my bland chicken salad, I’d like to try this restaurant again.¬† They had so much on their menu.¬† Actually, Andy and I thought they had almost too much on their menu! It was just so much to look over.¬† Next time I’d like to try a sandwich or go for breakfast.¬†


After lunch we headed over to TJ Maxx to “browse”.¬†

The Greatest Store on Earth!

Browsing for me means trying on numerous dresses in hopes for finding something that wows me.¬† I tried on a few dressed today, but none really “spoke” to me.

Hello from the dressing room!

Plus, some of them were $40.00 and that’s a lot of money for something you’re not totally impressed with.¬†

Orange Dress

I liked this color, but it had a funky fit up top.  I decided to pass on this one. 


¬†This dress was cute, but the fit wasn’t all that great. It bulged out a bit from the side and didn’t look¬†too flattering.¬† Can’t win em’ all I guess!

Luckily in another week or so TJ Maxx will have a slew of new clothes for me to “browse” through.¬† My next hunt is for cute dresses to wear to the three weddings I have this summer!

In the end, Andy and I walked away with just a couple of bottles of random pasta sauce and some Usher cologne, which I thought was pretty amusing since Andy doesn’t listen to that type of music! ¬†

After TJ Maxx, it was on to Whole Foods.  It was so convenient that all of the places we went today were in the same shopping center:

One Stop Shopping!

At Whole Foods we picked up some staples we needed for the week including:

  • Organic strawberries, blueberries, and apples
  • Pinapple
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Organic 1% milk
  • Organic light soy milk
  • Greek yogurt
  • Sour cream
  • Guacamole — they make such great guacamole at Whole Foods!
  • Cereal

I also picked up a gift card for my dad for Father’s Day.¬† He also loves to shop there!

After our shopping trip, we were ready for a sweet¬†treat.¬† So we hit up McDonalds for $1.00 hot fudge sundaes.¬† Can’t beat that price!¬†

Sundaes on Sunday

 With all the eating and shopping we did, it was nap time.  We all zonked out on for about an hour, which felt amazing. 

I think that Sammy Kay got to him...!

The dogs also took time to nap…only they sleep on the bed not the couch.¬† Yeah, they pretty much own us!

They call this the "guest room", but we know better.

Now it’s time to finish my laundry (I feel like I am always doing this!) and relax for the evening with Andy.¬† Goodnight!

What’s in a Number?

Good Morning!

There is a new addition to Andy’s family: His sister-in-law (also named Lindsay) had a baby last night! She had a little girl! I am going to see her today after work! Can’t wait!

She thought for sure she was having a boy (they didn’t want to know the sex before hand) and so I figured her intuition would be right so I was really surprised to find out it was a girl (I was secretly hoping for a girl though! I can’t wait to spoil her!)¬† They named her Clair.¬† I think that name is so cute! I’ll be sure to take some pictures of the new bundle of joy ūüôā

Simple Recipes

I have two simple, simple recipes to share with you all.  First, Tuna Salad, which is one of my favorites.

This made approximately 3 servings for me:

  • 2 5oz cans of chunk light tuna in water, drained
  • 3 tablespoons light mayo (roughly measured)
  • 2-3 stalks of celery, chopped
  • 1/4 onion, chopped
  • 1 tbsp (roughly measured) dijon mustard
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Mix all together until blended.  I had this tuna salad on a wrap and today I have it with 1/2 of a chopped yellow pepper and one chopped tomato for lunch.

Tuna Salad

On the side I have some Greek Yogurt and an orange.

The next simple recipe to share is a chicken dish made in the crock pot.

I call it Tomato and Corn Chicken:

  • Raw Chicken Breasts
  • 1/2 bag frozen corn
  • 1 can no salt added diced tomatoes
  • splash of chicken stock, about 1/4 cup to cover the chicken
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic Powder

Place everything in a crock pot and cook on low for 7-8 hours.¬† I’m using this tonight for chicken tacos! Yum!

Tomato and Corn Chicken

Super simple, right? That’s what I am all about!

What’s in a Number?

I know I’ve shared my weight on my blog because I don’t particularly care if people know.¬† It doesn’t define me.¬† It’s a number. I have also seen plenty of bloggers share their weight, which I don’t mind reading.¬† I’m just as curious as the next person!

However, I find it a problem when others begin to compare their own bodies to someone else.

The Comparison Game

We have NO idea what exactly someone’s particular body is made up of.¬† And what I mean by that is the percentage of body fat to lean mass.¬† This is more important than the actual number that the scale spits back at you.

The Scale...

Note: this is not my scale or weight

Take someone who has a lot of muscle mass (lean mass) and little body fat.¬† They may step on the scale and the number may appear higher then you would think. But it’s because they are made up of more lean mass than fat mass.¬† Lean mass is more dense and takes up less room.¬† So if someone has more lean mass than fat mass, they will weigh more on the scale.

A woman weighing 145 pounds with 18% fat will look much smaller than a woman at 145 pounds with 30% fat. They weigh the same, yet the composition is different. Because muscle is more dense than fat the person with less fat and more muscle will look smaller.

A BMI scale might actually place them in the “over weight” or “obese” category because it’s simply just comparing weight and height.¬† This is not an accurate picture of how healthy they are.¬† It’s important to know what exactly your body is made up of by getting your body fat tested

*Side note on BF% Tests: I recommend getting tested with skin calipers if you want something affordable and quick.¬† I wouldn’t trust the scales that tell you your BF%, many things can throw that off.¬† If you have access to other tests through your University, such as a DEXA scan or the Bod Pod, that’s even better and more accurate than skin calipers.

So when you see a blogger post their weight or read about a celebrity’s weight, stop playing the comparison game. We are all different and our bodies are all unique.¬† Our body composition is different.¬† Even if you see a blogger, celebrity, or have a friend who is your same height and your weight is different don’t worry about it!¬† One weight may be fine for someone’s body but be completely unattainable for someone else.


Have you had your body fat tested?