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Shopping Drama

The weekend is finally here.  I sometimes feel as though I live for my weekends.  The days where I can truly do exactly what I want to do.  Although I do enjoy working, there are certainly days where I am longing for the weekend!  Last week felt like one of those weeks.  I couldn’t wait to just wake up when I wanted and do whatever it is I felt like doing.

Today, I decided to browse at TJ Maxx and get my grocery shopping done at Whole Foods.  Before shopping, I fueled up with some cereal

In the mix:

  • 365 Brand Shredded Wheat
  • 365 Brand Peanut Butter Pows
  • Unsweetened Soy Milk
  • Blueberries

To drink, I had coffee with half and half:

This was a winning combination.  I love breakfast! 🙂

At TJ Maxx I was on the hunt for a dress to wear to a wedding and some workout tank tops. 

Hello from the dressing room!

I tried on this workout tank, that I ended up buying it in pink and black since they were only $7.99 and fit great.

Since I mainly live in workout attire, these two tanks were a good investment! I’d say 95% of my week is spent in some form of spandex!

Next I tried on this cute Calvin Klein one shoulder dress for $39.99:

I decided not to get it today, but now looking at it again I kind of like it more…what do you think of it?

Shopping Drama:

While I was browsing through a section of dresses, I noticed a girl standing very close to me who seemed annoyed.  She was about my age, or perhaps a few years younger, but I’d guess in her 20s. I continued to browse, even holding up dresses to my body to check the length.  Finally the girl says, “Can you, like, move?”

I was a bit surprised at the rude tone in her voice, and politely said back, “I’m sorry, but I am looking at these right now”. 

She stomps away and begins talking to her mother right behind me practically shouting so everyone around her can hear, “That girl is so rude! I wanted to look right there and she wouldn’t move! I hate people like her!”

After hearing that, I was livid.  I was honestly fuming and could feel my blood boil.  I couldn’t believe that because I was minding my own business looking at a small section of dresses (there was the entire row left and of the same size with no one else looking…plenty of room!) and now I was rude and should be hated. 

Now, anyone who knows me in person knows that I am a non-confrontational person. I pretty much let things slide.  But this time I couldn’t.  I turned around, looked at the girl and pretty much told her she was a spoiled brat and that just because I wouldn’t move when she needed me to that she was the one who was rude.  I’m pretty sure we learn to ‘wait our turn’ in pre-school.

Her mom actually agreed with me and told her daughter that she didn’t own the store and couldn’t order people around. was just annoying and I couldn’t believe someone would act like that in public and feel so entitled. 

I got over it and continued shopping, but it was definitely an experience I probably won’t forget! So much for a calm and relaxing shopping trip!

By the time I left TJ Maxx, I was starving. Along with my usual groceries and staples for the week I picked up some of Whole Food’s chicken salad and guacamole to have for lunch.

I put together a platter of food along with some Sour Cream Pop Chips. The chicken salad was just OK, but their guacamole is pretty amazing.  It’s so fresh and there are lots of large chunks of avocado. I’ll definitely buy it again.

After lunch I was ready for a nap!  I slept for a good hour, which felt nice.  Now I’m getting ready to meet Andy’s parents and sister-in-law (and baby Claire!) for dinner at Red Robin.  Have a great night!


How would you have handled the shopping drama?

Shopping and Eating

**Catching up from the weekend? Friday I did “Hot Yoga” and Saturday I tried a Peanut Butter Coffee flavored beer!**

Shopping and Eating

The rest of our Sunday was spent shopping and eating.  Basically two of my favorite things to do on any given day 😉

Our first stop was to a restaurant Andy and I have been curious to try out: Cork and Lenny’s. From the outside, it looked like a quaint little place.  But when we stepped inside we were both surprised at how large the place was. For one, it’s a full size deli, with all different kinds of meats, cheeses, and salads.  Then they also have a full service restaurant, serving breakfast (all day- love that!), lunch and dinner.  Since Andy and I had already had our breakfast, we were ready for some lunch.

Andy decided to try out one of their ginormous Overstuffed Sandwhiches: The Sammy Kay.  Check this sucker out:

The Sammy Kay

He ate the entire thing.  I’m always impressed with a man who can eat like a champ (plus I don’t feel as weird when I can eat just as much, if not more!)

Though the sandwiches looked tempting, I was in the mood for some chicken salad.  I’m a huge fan of chicken salads, tuna salads, and egg salads.  If they’re on the menu at restaurants there’s a good chance I will get it.   This particular salad allowed me to choose two scoops of salad.  I went with a scoop of chicken salad and a scoop of egg salad. 

Chicken Salad + Egg Salad Plate

To be honest, I was not impressed with the chicken salad, which was a bummer since I was craving it.  It was pretty bland.  I like more flavor elements in my chicken salad, such as pecans or grapes.  This just didn’t do it for me.  The egg salad was much better though, so I ate more of that.  I ended up taking the majority of my lunch home.  I think I’ll add more to the chicken to spice it up for my lunch or dinner tomorrow. 

Despite my bland chicken salad, I’d like to try this restaurant again.  They had so much on their menu.  Actually, Andy and I thought they had almost too much on their menu! It was just so much to look over.  Next time I’d like to try a sandwich or go for breakfast. 


After lunch we headed over to TJ Maxx to “browse”. 

The Greatest Store on Earth!

Browsing for me means trying on numerous dresses in hopes for finding something that wows me.  I tried on a few dressed today, but none really “spoke” to me.

Hello from the dressing room!

Plus, some of them were $40.00 and that’s a lot of money for something you’re not totally impressed with. 

Orange Dress

I liked this color, but it had a funky fit up top.  I decided to pass on this one. 


 This dress was cute, but the fit wasn’t all that great. It bulged out a bit from the side and didn’t look too flattering.  Can’t win em’ all I guess!

Luckily in another week or so TJ Maxx will have a slew of new clothes for me to “browse” through.  My next hunt is for cute dresses to wear to the three weddings I have this summer!

In the end, Andy and I walked away with just a couple of bottles of random pasta sauce and some Usher cologne, which I thought was pretty amusing since Andy doesn’t listen to that type of music!  

After TJ Maxx, it was on to Whole Foods.  It was so convenient that all of the places we went today were in the same shopping center:

One Stop Shopping!

At Whole Foods we picked up some staples we needed for the week including:

  • Organic strawberries, blueberries, and apples
  • Pinapple
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Organic 1% milk
  • Organic light soy milk
  • Greek yogurt
  • Sour cream
  • Guacamole — they make such great guacamole at Whole Foods!
  • Cereal

I also picked up a gift card for my dad for Father’s Day.  He also loves to shop there!

After our shopping trip, we were ready for a sweet treat.  So we hit up McDonalds for $1.00 hot fudge sundaes.  Can’t beat that price! 

Sundaes on Sunday

 With all the eating and shopping we did, it was nap time.  We all zonked out on for about an hour, which felt amazing. 

I think that Sammy Kay got to him...!

The dogs also took time to nap…only they sleep on the bed not the couch.  Yeah, they pretty much own us!

They call this the "guest room", but we know better.

Now it’s time to finish my laundry (I feel like I am always doing this!) and relax for the evening with Andy.  Goodnight!