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Sunny San Diego!

My trip to San Diego for my friend Sam’s wedding was incredible.  I loved this city! It was beautiful, vibrant, and full of life.  There were always so many people walking around, eating at restaurants, and hanging out at bars that I often wondered if anyone even worked.  I was also secretly wishing I had a schedule like that!

Bachelorette Party

Andy and I traveled all day last Wednesday (with a 3-hour layover!) and arrived in San Diego at 7pm. I was tired so I hit up Starbucks and my energy instantly changed…thank God! We stopped by to check in at our hotel, the Sofia, and I quickly changed and got ready for the night.  I had some serious partying to do!

My first stop was Sam’s Bachelorette Party at the Whiskey Girl.  Andy has a friend who lives in the area so luckily he had other plans (and it would be a total bust to bring a boyfriend to a bachelorette party!)

I couldn’t wait to catch up with my college friends.  I had not seen some of them in over a year, which is just way too long!!

The Bride-to-Be

It was a Wednesday night and because it was San Diego and no one apparently has to get up for their job, it was a packed house!

We had a great time dancing, catching up, and boozing (a lot!) until the bar closed.

My drink of choice for the night was a vodka with soda water and a splash of cranberry juice and fresh limes.  They made em’ strong! But for nearly $9.00 a drink, it better be 😉

After a night of drinking and a full day of traveling, I was starving.  I didn’t have a real dinner (and I was drunk) so I hit up a Pizza Hut with some of the others for a light night meal.  It hit the spot!

Sight Seeing

Even though I awoke each day in San Diego feeling hungover and tired, I still got my butt outta bed to see some of the city.  I brought my workout clothes and shoes to go for a run but that never happened.  I was OK with that as I was more concerned with being with my friends and having a good time.

Coronado Island

We spent some time walking around Coronado Island, which was stunning.

There were lots of cute shops and restaurants surrounding the beautiful hotel:

We spent some time walking down the beach.  The weather was about 70 degrees, so the water was too cold to be in.  But for walking, the temperature was just right.

We took some time to explore downtown San Diego as well and enjoyed a few of the restaurants and bars.  I really love the atmosphere San Diego has! It’s so relaxing and fun.

Rehearsal Dinner

Sam and Ryan had their rehearsal dinner on Thursday evening and it took place on the beach.  It was simply beautiful.

A cookout style dinner was served, which I thought was delicious.  We dined on BBQ ribs and chicken, potato salad, rolls, and baked beans.

It was a lovely evening filled with friends and family of the bride and groom

Bridal Party

College Friends

Andy and I

After the rehearsal dinner we hit up the bar scene yet again in downtown San Diego.  It was a fun night!

The Wedding

Sam and Ryan’s wedding took place on a Friday night outside on an upper level of a hotel.

Ryan and his parents

Sam with her Dad and Step Dad

She made a gorgeous bride!

The ceremony was lovely and I’m thrilled I was a part of Sam and Ryan’s special day!

Congrats Sam and Ryan!

 Time to Celebrate!

The reception was just as beautiful and elegant as the wedding.  It took place inside the hotel, which was nice.

We enjoyed bacon wrapped scallops, crab cakes, and bruschetta as appetizers, along with champagne and the open bar.

Dinner was a choice between steak, chicken and mushroom ravioli.  I chose the ravioli since I’m not a big meat eater and I especially enjoy ravioli.  Before our meal, we dined on crab soup and salad.  The meal was delicious!

Not long after dinner it was time to cut a rug on the dance floor.  That was no problem for us!

I even busted out my secret talent later on in the evening:

Pure class, I know.

Bustin' a move

The night was amazing and we all had a blast celebrating with the happy couple!

Back to Reality

Andy and I were sad to leave sunny San Diego the next day and were not looking forward to our 4-hour layover in Dallas Texas (which is smoldering hot right now!)  We didn’t get home until 1am and we both crashed immediately.

I did absolutely nothing on Sunday and now I’ve been trying to transition back into my normal, every day life (but secretly wishing I could live the San Diego lifestyle and hang out at the beach in the middle of the day!) I would love to go back to the west coast and explore the sights more.

Time to get to work!  Have a great Tuesday!


Do you have a favorite vacation spot?


I’m so happy that I got to spend an entire week with my family at the beach in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

Isn’t my little God Son, Beau, a cutie!?

I spend the majority of the week completely unplugged from the internet.  Sometimes it feels so good to do that (although I did miss reading blogs and I’m excited to get caught up with everyone!)

I didn’t blog on vacation because I wanted to fully relax and enjoy being with my family.  Being on the computer was not on my “to do list”.

I also didn’t blog daily because I literally did the same things day after day.  Those things included:

  • Running on the beach
  • Drinking on the beach
  • Napping on the beach
  • Eating on the beach
  • Eating at the house
  • Eating out at restaurants

You get the idea 😉

Do you notice a theme in the above pictures? 😉 I promise we did drink some water during the day too!

Some people love to have very active vacations and explore their destination.  I’m someone who loves to relax and sit on the beach. Call me crazy, but I love doing nothing! I can spend hours on the beach. 

Exercising on Vacation

Because I really do sit on my butt all day, I do enjoy getting out early and going for beach runs. This past week I split my workout up by running half of the time on the road and the other half on the beach covering right around 3.5 miles.

During the first half of my run I took in the sights of all the beautiful beach houses:

Then I ran up the public beach access board walk to get to the beach:

The last half of the run is along the water on the “harder” sand:

I love being right next to the ocean!

Can’t beat this view! I tackled 6 beach runs during my stay in Emerald Isle, NC (which took about 40 minutes each morning) and enjoyed every one of them.  I swear my body loves being by the water!

Post Vacation Blues

As my plane touched down in Cleveland yesterday I felt the “post vacation blues” setting in.  Luckily I had Andy and the pups to greet me and that cheered me up! I missed my little family while I was away! I told Andy that next year we both need to plan a week long vacation together.  This summer we’ve both had different activities going on and used our vacation hours for all sorts of things like weddings and camping trips. However we’re both heading to San Diego next weekend for a friend’s wedding. Neither of us have been there so I’m excited to see a new place!

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Do you prefer vacations where there are lots of activities (such as sight seeing and exploring) or vacations that are spent lying on the beach relaxing?

Hello from Emerald Isle!

I made it to Emerald Isle, NC early Saturday morning and have been enjoying my time at the beach ever since. 

Hello from the beach!

I can sum up my vacation in just a few words:



My God Son

And of course…BOOZE!

My mom and my cousin John

I’m off to enjoy another beautiful day at the beach! Hope you’re having a great week so far!


If you like seafood….what is your favorite? I’m all about the seafood bisque and crab cakes!

Exercising While on Vacation

I’m back from a wonderful weekend getaway in Emerald Isle, North Carolina!  My parents have a home there and so Andy and I planned a long weekend (along with my parents) to enjoy some much needed beach time.

Andy and I

Mom and Dad

The beach is probably my favorite place to be, especially in Emerald Isle.  Emerald Isle, NC is a small town that my parents discovered about 7 or 8 years ago when they were looking to buy a beach property.  I had never heard of it, but it took only one visit to fall in love with the wonderful town.  It’s relaxing, calm, and has an amazing beach.  It’s just simply  a lovely place to be.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s also filled with amazing seafood restaurants, like my two absolute favorites the Crab’s Claw and Kathryn’s Bistro and Martini BarLove!

Emerald Isle Beach

Jelly Fish of Emerald Isle!

We spent our long weekend relaxing on the beach, eating (I have to get as much seafood in me as possible considering my options in Ohio are a bit limited!), and then some more relaxing.  I’m all about vacations where there are no plans but to simply relax and enjoy time with family.  It was just what I needed to feel refreshed (although now I have a case of the ‘vacation blues’…hopefully they’ll pass soon!)

Andy and I

Beach Bums

It was Andy's 27th Birthday on vacation! Happy Birthday Andy!

Exercising While on Vacation

Although my time was mainly filled with relaxing on the beach and eating the most delicious seafood, I did manage to fit in some exercise.  I may be the exception, but I love to exercise on vacation, especially when I can explore new areas. I also find that exercising on vacation helps me to transition back into “normal” life if I’ve kept up some sort of a daily exercise schedule.

I got up early each morning (around 7am) and hit the beach to run on Saturday and Sunday.  Running on the beach is probably my favorite form of exercise…ever!  It’s amazing to run along the sand with the beautiful ocean right beside you.  It’s heaven to me!


However, not everyone’s favorite thing to do on vacation is run (or let alone exercise) and that’s OK. Andy didn’t join me on my morning run because it’s not his thing (he read on the beach instead), but we did walk together when I was finished.

Here are my tips for squeezing in exercise while on vacation:

Walk: If you want to take the week off from strenuous exercise, that is quite all right.  I do this from time to time to give my body some rest.  But try to still move and get out and walk.

Walking may be the simplest form of exercise and something that most people can do.  Get up and get your body moving early to avoid the hottest part of the day (or go in the evening). Take a scenic route with a friend or invite the whole family.  Enjoy the new sites, smells, and sounds as you walk and don’t think of it as exercise.  Have fun! 

Bike Ride:  I love riding my bike on vacation, it reminds me of being a kid!  My parents have two bikes at their house and I often take one out and explore the town (I actually did this on Monday morning!).  It doesn’t feel like exercise to me, but rather a fun part of the day.  If you don’t have a bike, most vacation spots have a place to rent some.

At Home Circuit: Sometimes I get a little creative with my workouts while on vacation.  One thing I’ve done in the past is make a quick total body circuit.  I use anything I can find around the house since when I’m on vacation I don’t pack any weights in my suitcase!  Instead I use water bottles or detergent bottles as my weight.  If I don’t have anything to use as resistance, then I simply use my own body weight.  I come up with a round of exercises to do, such as:

  • High Knee Jog
  • Push ups
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Shoulder Press (if I have weights)
  • Plank holds
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Jumping Jacks

I’ll do each move for a minute (or however long I like) and repeat the circuit 1-3 times, depending on how long I want to commit to working out while on vacation.  Typically 20-30 minutes is enough for me!

Pick the Best Time for You: I always prefer to exercise in the morning and vacation is no different.  I love the mornings and find it to be the most peaceful time of the day.  Clearly this is the time for me to get my exercise in! Pick a time that works best for you to get your workout in.  It’s easier for me to do it first thing that way I am not thinking about it the rest of the day.

Take a Class: Once in a while when I’m on vacation I’ll go to a local gym for a class to try.  I love going to other facilities to take classes.  It’s nice not to be the teacher sometimes! Beach towns usually have a good variety of mind-body type classes, such as Yoga, which I find relaxing while on vacation.   I think of going to a new class as a treat and as something fun to do and that to me seems more appealing than just ‘getting a workout in’.

Fit Exercise in Without Thinking: If you really don’t want to commit to putting exercise on your vacation day schedule, then don’t.  You deserve to relax! However, I think moving is important even while on vacation…so sneak it in!

Walk wherever you can and often.  For instance, my parents live a couple of blocks from the beach so I made it a point to walk to and from the beach a few times a day to sneak in some movement.  I’d go back for lunch (or to fill our cooler up with more brews!) or to apply more sunscreen.  Not packing it all in my beach bag forces me to get off my booty and move.

Other ways I’ve managed to be sneaky with exercise is to play in the ocean often (which is fun!) and to take strolls down the beach looking for sea shells.  Those little things can add up and wouldn’t you know…you’ve actually exercised!


Do you like to exercise while on vacation?