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His and Her Dinners

My lack of sleep from the bad storm and my 5AM wake up call yesterday finally caught up with me by the time I got home from work.  I was exhausted! I grabbed my pillow and blanket and headed straight for the couch to relax.

Andy had the same idea when he got home a couple of hours later and soon he was fast asleep on the couch while I watched the finale of the Real World Challenge (And yes, I realize I watch the same shows as high school age kids) 

I didn’t want to wake Andy up from his nap, so I headed in the kitchen to make myself breakfast for dinner.  I knew that Andy had wanted to use up some ground beef, so I figured we’d just have our own “His and Her” dinners tonight.

On my menu for the night: Waffles n’ Eggs!

I chopped up a tomato to fill in my omelet, which consisted of 1 whole egg and two whites plus a splash of milk.  Shredded cheese was also added to complete my omelet.

Dinner came together in a flash and it was oh-so-good! I love this combination!  Plus I love waffles topped with real maple syrup.

There was a time in my life when I tried to eat everything sugar free and get as few calories as possible from foods like syrup or creamer.  Long gone are those crazy days!  Bring on the real food! And what’s funny is that I used to eat enormous servings of the sugar free stuff and now that I eat the real thing, I only need a little bit to get all of that wonderful flavor.

Man Food 

Andy finally woke up after 2 hours of napping and was ready for some dinner. So he headed out to make some serious man food on the grill: Burgers!

Boo and Sophia were doing some serious begging for his burger (even after I gave them egg yolks…I guess a burger is more enticing!)

Let's make a deal...You can have some of my dry, I mean delicious, dog food and I'll have one of your juicy burgers...

For God's sake, drop something!

The rest of the evening was spent reading in bed. I’m currently reading The Help, which is such a great read so far! I wanted to read it before I saw the movie that is out.

Morning Run

I awoke today feeling well rested (finally!) and decided to take Boo and Sophia on a quick 2-mile run.  It was a great way to start the morning!

When we got back I attempted to take a picture with the dogs…

The pictures didn’t turn out so well…(although the overgrown weeds sure look pretty!)

This one was as good as it was going to get…

These two  were just more interested in cooling off on the patio instead…

Life is so hard

The rest of the morning was spent eating breakfast (Shredded Wheat and Peanut Butter Puffins cereal with strawberries and soy milk) and catching some of the Today Show before packing my lunch and heading off to work.

Almond Butter and Tomato Sandwich

I was inspired by Kelly when I made my lunch for work this morning.  The other day she talked about one of her favorite sandwiches: Peanut Butter and Tomato! This intrigued me, so I decided to try it.

I sliced up the tomato and seasoned it with salt and pepper:

I then topped two slices of bread with Almond Butter before packing it up in my lunch bag.

I packed the tomato and almond butter sandwich separately and then assembled it at work while on my lunch break.

I loved this sandwich and I think the salt and pepper on the tomato really adds such great flavor.  I’ll be making this combination again!

Gossip Friday

While sitting outside for my lunch break, I caught up with the latest US Weekly.

Fridays have become “Gossip Friday” for me since that is when the new magazine comes out.  I’ll admit, I enjoy reading celebrity gossip and just mindlessly flipping through the pages looking at the pictures.  It makes for a very relaxing lunch break too!

Have a great Friday everyone!


What are some of your favorite magazines to read?

Anniversary Dinner and The Hill

Thank you for the congrats on Andy and I’s anniversary!  We had a nice time celebrating with a late dinner to Noosa Bistro. Unfortunately I think I ate some bad dairy during lunch at work (left over tacos) and I did not feel too well for the rest of the day. I even saw the on-sight doctor at work to get some over the counter antacids to  help sooth my stomach.

However, as the day went on I did feel my appetite start to come back and began to feel a bit more like myself.  And luckily we didn’t eat until 9pm (since I worked late) and I could enjoy a meal without feeling like I needed to puke.

Drinks and Dinner

To start, Andy ordered a glass of red wine and I went with one of their many martinis. I chose the Georgia Peach since I actually was one for a year 😉 (April 2010 – June 2010 on the blog I was in Georgia for any new readers!)

The Georgia Peach consisted of peach vodka, peach schnapps, champagne, and sour mix.  It was definitely a winner! Strong yet tasty.

Andy looking extra chipper

As an appetizer I ordered the Tomato Basil soup, which is so delicious.  I get it almost every time I go to Noosa.  Andy decided not to get the soup and stuck with the fresh bread and butter as his appetizer (which I also consumed!) Lucky for him I filled up quickly and I gave about half of my soup to him.  It was our 5 year anniversary after all.

For the main entree Andy ordered a rack of lamb and I got the tilapia with lobster mashed potatoes (amazing) and broccoli.  The meal was so good, but my stomach began to feel a bit off so I only ate a little bit of my meal and took the rest home.  I also ordered tiramisu to take home as well, which is fabulous.


Since Andy and I spent a lot of money on our recent trip to San Diego we decided that we’d only spend $15-20 on each other for our anniversary.  I gave Andy a picture frame with a picture of us from the beach and a candle.

Andy definitely knows that the way to my heart is through my liver stomach.  He stocked me with one of my favorite drinks: Skinny Girl Margaritas!

The rest of our weekend was pretty boring in terms of blogging material.  Andy had Fantasy Football meetings to attend (apparently it’s a big deal) and I wanted no part of it.  Instead, I spent the majority of the weekend relaxing on the couch, taking naps, and running errands.

The pups joined me in some relaxing and spent time sunning themselves outside:

They looked like a couple of lions in the wilderness:

I took this picture creeping from the kitchen and it wasn’t long before my cover was blown:

Her again...

The Hill

Now that Monday is here it’s back to the grind! I got plenty of rest from the weekend so I am ready to tackle the week!

To start my day off at work today I took my noon class outside for a workout since the weather was sunny, warm and a perfect 75 degrees.  I also decided to introduce them to “The Hill”.

The hill is a side road along beautiful woods and streams.  My boss and I did it the other week during our lunch break and I’ve been meaning to get my class out there.  Today was the day! 

We started jogging on the outside track before crossing the street to tackle the hill:

Then we went downhill (some walked some jogged):

We passed the creek and wooded views:

Then it came time to go uphill…it’s tough!

Once at the top we went back down and back up once more and ran around the track once (which is one mile).

It was such a beautiful day to be outside!

We even spotted some friends hiding in the woods:

Do you see them?

Running down and up the hill two times and running the track for a mile took about 25 minutes.  For the remainder of the class (20 minutes) we did some walking lunges, dips on the outdoor benches, step ups, and core work to round out the workout.  Not a bad way to start off a Monday!

Now it’s time for me to get back to work and prep for class number two today: Cardio Pilates.  Have a great day!


Do you enjoy walking/running hills? I love the variety that  hills can provide a workout, either outdoors or on the treadmill!